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Real-time Weapon Detection

Actuate’s real-time weapon detection system turns any security camera into a gun-detecting smart camera. Its built-in artificial intelligence automatically identifies brandished weapons as soon as they’re visible and immediately notifies security decision makers. This enables security personnel and law enforcement to respond to threats in real-time, before shots are fired.

Actuate also offers best-in-class intruder and left-behind object detection, bringing the power of AI to all security tasks.

Actuate is completely software-based and no additional hardware is required. The system integrates seamlessly with your existing video management system, providing your organization with an invisible layer of protection.

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Detect Threats Before Shots are Fired

Actuate detects weapons as soon as they are visible on camera, flagging threats before shots are fired. This provides building security and law enforcement with seconds to address the situation.

Turns Existing Cameras Into Smart Cameras

Actuate integrates with existing cameras and videomanagement systems, turning passive infrastructure into a proactive layer of security and freeing your security personnel to focus on higher-value tasks, rather than monitoring camera feeds.

Software-Based Means Cost-Effective

Actuate is 100% software-based, eliminating expensive and time-consuming hardware integrations. The always-on nature of the system ensures the AI is always up-to-date, providing maximum performance at a lower cost than hardware-based platforms.

Industry Leading Accuracy

Actuate offers best-in-class weapon, intruder, and object detection, correctly identifying threats with over 99% accuracy. The cutting-edge AI technology works in different environments and shifting lighting conditions, resulting in few false positives.

Intruder Detection


Existing intruder detection systems don’t work: Simple systems suffer from rampant false positives because they incorrectly identify wind or animals as people, and advanced facial recognition systems are costly, inefficient, and create significant privacy and compliance challenges.

Existing Solutions Fall Short

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are inexpensive and easy to install, but are triggered by anything, including wind and animals, and don’t provide images, requiring on-site cameras or guards.

Video Monitoring

Installing video cameras speeds human validation of possible intruder threats, but requires significant manpower to operate, even with the use of motion detection.

IR Sensors

Infrared systems can effectively detect people and differentiate them from animals, but are costly and require specialized hardware.


Artificial intelligence-based intruder detection can effectively monitor spaces for people where they’re not supposed to be, surfacing detections to security staff. The Actuate AI system effectively protects facilities by detecting intruders using existing security cameras, eliminating the need for new hardware. Because it’s based on the latest deep learning AI technology, false positives are eliminated.

Use Cases


Theft, vandalism, and threats of terrorism are key threats to industrial facilities and utilities. AI-based intruder detection can alert security staff when an intruder is present at an unmanned facility or after hours, enabling instant responses.


Real Estate

Extensive real estate holdings can be difficult to monitor. AI-based intruder detection ensures that teams know where people are at all times and can respond instantly in case of unauthorized entry.

Real Estate


Retail establishments are rarely staffed after hours, but valuable merchandise can still be vulnerable to theft and vandalism. Intruder detection enables efficient, centralized monitoring of stores, preventing loss outside of business hours.


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