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GPS Tracking for Heavy Equipment Rental

For companies that rent out the massive earthmovers and other equipment needed by the construction industry, each and every last asset is extremely valuable. Between the high cost of the equipment, the difficulty to replace equipment, and the lost income companies face when equipment is not available, protecting these assets is a must.

This is why heavy equipment GPS tracking devices can be enormously useful to equipment rental companies.

Safeguarding Heavy Equipment Rentals with GPS Tracking

Cranes, trucks, flatbeds, generators, and many other pieces of heavy construction equipment can be expensive to replace if stolen or damaged beyond repair. GPS tracking devices for heavy equipment help protect equipment in a few different ways, including:

Maintenance Scheduling

Every piece of equipment needs regular maintenance to avoid mechanical failures on the jobsite. By tracking how long certain pieces of equipment have been in operation and how many miles they’ve traveled (if capable of movement), you can better know when each asset should be serviced so as to prevent mechanical failure.

Antitheft Protection

One of the biggest benefits of GPS equipment tracking is the ability to know where your equipment is at all times—which can be massively helpful when recovering stolen equipment. With GPS, law enforcement can rapidly find stolen property and return it to the owner that much faster.

Rental Contract Enforcement

GPS devices can help keep renters honest so that they don’t move rented equipment out of the use area you agreed to. With geofencing, you can set up alerts to notify you right away when a GPS-tagged asset leaves the service area. This is invaluable for enforcing rental contracts and preventing contract breaches—helping you make sure your assets are where they should be when they should be there.

Providing Remote Diagnostics

One of the big challenges in renting out heavy equipment is ensuring that the equipment is able to perform to the customer’s expectations at all times. When problems arise, such as sudden mechanical failures, it’s important to identify and fix the issue as quickly as possible to avoid causing issues for the renter.

GPS tracking for rented heavy equipment can help with this by providing remote diagnostics. Take, for example, refrigerated trucks. If the power flow to the trailer is interrupted, the refrigeration will fail and whatever temperature-sensitive materials inside will be damaged. By identifying these power failures quickly, you can alert the renter of the problem so power can be reattached before irrevocable damage is done.

Additionally, if there’s an engine failure in a piece of earthmoving equipment, you can spot that problem and quickly send out a repair crew or replacement piece of equipment to minimize the client’s downtime.

You can even share your GPS data with renters to help them see how their GPS-tagged equipment is being used in the field—helping them make their operations more effective and efficient.

This helps you create happier renters who are more likely to keep renting from you in the future!

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