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Asset and Fleet Tracking Software Powered by GPS Tracking Devices

Tracking over $1.5 billion in assets around the world
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Taking Back Control of Your Assets in the Field

GPS tracking isn’t just for vehicles anymore. Specialized asset tracking devices can be plugged into your company’s most valuable assets to track their use and position at all hours of the day. Combined with specialized asset management software, these devices can allow you to record different events and asset use statistics, including:

Assets in the Field
  • Asset Activation

  • Hours of Use

  • Asset Location

  • Temperature

  • Door Open / Closing

  • Motion

ELD Compliance

Compliance with the ELD Mandate can provide benefits for vehicle fleets beyond simply avoiding noncompliance penalties, such as reducing paperwork and fraudulent time entries.

Rastrac is here to help with ELD Mandate-compliant tracking solutions for vehicle fleets of all sizes.

Get a Compliant, Reliable, and Powerful ELD

Benefits of Rastrac's Web API

The Rastrac Web API allows broad control of Rastrac's suite of vehicle tracking features from most programming environments. This allows anything from automated scripting of common tasks to seamless integration into customer user interfaces alongside other business-specific tools

Position Updates
Position Updates
Position Updates
Acquiring the latest positions or instrument measurements of tracked devices
Customized Notifications
Customized Notifications
Customized Notifications
Checking customized notifications sent by devices
Issuing custom device messages
Device Modification
Device Modification
Device Modification
Registration or modification of devices within the system.

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Vehicles & Assets

Our solutions can be found in light vehicle fleets, large trucks in commercial shipping, heavy equipment in construction, snow plows and street sweepers, public safety vehicles, and many others.

Our featured industries include:

Municipalities and Counties

From typical road work to dealing with seasonal hazards, local governments can greatly benefit from a fleet management system. Street maintenance, waste management, and snow plow tracking can all be improved to increase municipal efficiency.

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Heavy Equipment Rental

For companies that rent out the massive earthmovers and other equipment needed by the construction industry, each and every last asset is extremely valuable.

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Public Safety

With GPS tracking, emergency responders are able to act quickly and efficiently in order to save lives and ensure safety throughout the community.

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Truck Fleets

GPS fleet management software allows shipments to be monitored and controlled while in transit. Monitoring truck driver activities and keeping an eye on preventative maintenance will lead to increased efficiency of a fleet overall.

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For heavy construction vehicles and equipment, safety is of top priority. With GPS fleet tracking, it's simple to monitor jobsite performance remotely and provide performance reports.

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There are countless businesses that rely on the use of assets in the field to get things done. From mobile phone companies to cable providers and beyond, there are many businesses that can benefit from the use of GPS fleet tracking for their field assets.

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