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Asset and Fleet Tracking Software Powered by GPS Tracking Technology

Tracking over $2.5 billion in assets around the world.

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Customized GPS Tracking Solutions

At Rastrac, we offer a vast array of services as well as the ability to create custom, tailored solutions.

Monitoring & Telematics

Monitor fleet health with information about devices not reporting, idle time, speeding incidents, and more.

Live Tracking Solutions

At a glance, see what is happening in your fleet that requires your immediate attention.

RastracMobile App

View the current locations of your vehicles and assets, get and view tracks of your vehicles all from your mobile device.

Geofencing Solutions

Designate instant geofences with the click of a button — easy and quick to assign and remove.


A powerful, versatile, and fully customizable tool designed for any application that requires repeated coverage/monitoring of a specific service area.

Fleet Tracking

Our comprehensive asset tracking and fleet management software is extremely versatile, allowing us to create customized solutions.

Our non-proprietary GPS tracking devices and software works with virtually any third-party system. This versatility enables you to integrate Rastrac’s equipment or software into your existing systems, saving you time, energy, and money.

  • 500+ Companies Wordwide
  • 75+ Years of Experience
  • 5,000+ Systems
  • 300,000+ Vehicles & Assets
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Benefits of Rastrac’s Web API

The Rastrac Web API allows broad control of Rastrac's suite of vehicle tracking features from most programming environments. This allows anything from automated scripting of common tasks to seamless integration into customer user interfaces alongside other business-specific tools.


Position Updates

Acquiring the latest positions or instrument measurements of tracked devices.


Customized Notifications

Checking customized notifications sent by devices.



Issuing custom device messages.


Device Modification

Registration or modification of devices within the system.



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Industries We Serve

Our solutions can be found in light vehicle fleets, large trucks in commercial shipping, heavy equipment in construction, snow plows and street sweepers, public safety vehicles, and many others.