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Vehicle Tracking Devices and Asset Tracking Devices

Real Time GPS Fleet Tracking for Public Safety

In public safety, every second counts. First responders, such as police and other law enforcement agencies, firefighters, and medical emergency responders, need to be fast and efficient to save lives and protect the public.

GPS tracking for public safety provides solutions that enable fleet managers to:

  • Track vehicle locations in real time;
  • Make vehicle fleets more efficient;
  • Increase safety for both emergency responders and the general public;
  • Monitor driver behaviors; and
  • Monitor engine performance and other vehicle maintenance issues.

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Monitor Emergency Responder Vehicles with Real Time Tracking

Knowing the location of every emergency vehicle asset at all times with GPS fleet tracking is critical in emergency response situations. It also enables you to optimize emergency response deployment. Why send a vehicle from across town when one is available to respond just blocks from an emergency? The advantage here is that it makes your operations more efficient, while also helping you to make the job safer for first responders who put their lives on the line.

In addition to tracking vehicle locations, public safety GPS tracking provides a wealth of other valuable data that helps fleet managers make better-informed decisions. Using the wide array of tools available in the fleet tracking software dashboard, you and emergency services dispatchers can track activities and events such as:

  • Arrivals and Departures. Know when assets enter or leave the vehicle pool, or when they enter or leave high-crime areas.
  • Hours of Operation. Know how long each vehicle has been running, who is operating it, and during what hours.
  • Driver Behaviors. Monitor and receive reports about inefficient or dangerous driving behaviors.

As a fleet manager, you have access to automated reports about this and other related information. You also can set up alert notifications and reminders for a variety of critical tasks and events.

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Increase Driver Accountability, Behavior, and Efficiency

Driver accountability is a significant concern for law enforcement and other emergency responders. Modern GPS tracking devices for public safety can monitor dangerous driving habits, such as excessive speeding when not responding to an emergency, that can put your fleet vehicles, drivers, and the safety of the public at risk.

Even when responding to an emergency with lights and sirens running, it’s vital for drivers to exercise caution when approaching intersections because cross-traffic motorists may not see or hear emergency vehicles in time to clear the intersection or to successfully brake.

Keep Your Fleet Running with Vehicle Maintenance Tracking

Rastrac’s GPS tracking for public safety fleets provides a significant benefit: an automated vehicle maintenance log. No more do you have to update individual vehicle info in an outdated spreadsheet or try to track individual maintenance dates in a calendar. With GPS fleet management for emergency response vehicles, you can receive automated reports of engine performance data. This information will help you efficiently:

  • Perform and track preventative maintenance,
  • Reduce or eliminate vehicle downtime and on-the-road breakdowns,
  • Decrease overhead costs, and
  • Eliminate costly repairs.

Increase Your Fleet Data Collection Capabilities

Want more data? GPS fleet management for emergency vehicles can help. Improve your data collection efforts for your vehicle fleet while enhancing your fleet management efforts with:

  • Reports that detail your vehicle’s mileage, fuel consumption, and performance information;
  • Custom maps that enable you to improve your patrol routing and scheduling capabilities; and
  • Geofencing capabilities that allow you to keep assets where they are needed most.

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