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Fleet GPS Tracking for Construction

Your heavy construction vehicles represent a massive investment of resources. Because of this, it’s important to make sure that you can make the most efficient use of these vehicles and safeguard against their loss. GPS fleet tracking solutions for construction help accomplish these goals in the following ways. 

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Monitoring Jobsite Performance Remotely

With GPS fleet tracking for construction vehicles, you can remotely monitor how your construction vehicles are being used.

For example, you can monitor engine idle time to see how long your vehicles are left active but unused. Also, you can monitor your total engine hours for each piece of equipment to efficiently schedule fuel truck runs. With this information, you can spot the inefficient use of your vehicles, and work to correct the issues causing excessive idle time and fuel waste.

Additionally, you can increase the accuracy of your cost estimates for a project by reviewing actual on-the-job usage data for each of your vehicles. If you know that Earthmover A uses exactly 40 gallons of fuel per day of operation, and can move X tons of earth in that time, then you can establish how long it will take to move the amount of earth needed for a given job, and how much fuel and labor to budget for as well.

Finally, you can monitor the precise GPS coordinates of each of your construction vehicles to make sure that none of your equipment is going off the reservation. This GPS data can be tracked with Google Maps, or you can integrate your own custom maps.

Safeguard Construction Vehicles with GPS Tracking

Construction vehicles often represent a significant resource investment for any company. As such, keeping these vehicles safe on the job or in the yard is typically a top priority.

Fleet GPS tracking helps safeguard construction vehicles by:

  • 24/7 Automated Tracking. GPS trackers can help you find the precise GPS coordinates of any piece of equipment at any time, 24/7. With a quick check, you can know if your equipment is at the jobsite or not, and alert authorities to the location of any stolen or missing equipment on a moment’s notice.
  • Automatic Phone or Email Alerts. You can program your GPS monitoring equipment to send you an alert any time equipment gets moved or trailer doors are opened. With this alert, you can minimize the time it takes to alert authorities to the unauthorized use of your equipment and possibly prevent a theft.
  • Remote Disabling Vehicle Starters. With the ability to kill a vehicle’s starter remotely, you can nip a theft attempt in the bud by making sure that your vehicle won’t move under its own power.


Providing Reports to Help Your Fleet Management

The information provided by remote GPS monitoring equipment helps power positive business results by giving you increased access to important performance information regarding your construction assets.

With this information, you can:

  • Control Idle Time. Knowing when your vehicles are idle and why can help you optimize job scheduling, or spot when vehicles aren’t being used to their best capacity.
  • Improve Maintenance Scheduling. With remote engine performance data, you can spot which vehicles need maintenance the most and prioritize preventative maintenance measures that limit the risk of onsite mechanical failures that delay construction.
  • Make More Accurate Job Estimates. As mentioned earlier, with remote performance monitoring data, it’s possible to increase the accuracy of your job estimates by reviewing past usage data.

In these ways, the reporting capabilities of construction fleet management software solutions can help support your business.


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