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Construction Fleet Management Software

Real-Time GPS Fleet Tracking for Construction Fleet Vehicles

Fleet tracking isn’t just for transportation services anymore. Construction fleet vehicles are a massive investment and an important resource for building and construction businesses. Theft prevention, fuel usage, maintenance scheduling, and workers safety are all concerns fleet managers must monitor closely and keep up-to-date to increase operational efficiency.

With GPS tracking and fleet management software, fleet managers can track a construction fleet vehicles’ locations and vehicle performance diagnostics to help safeguard their valuable assets in real time.

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Monitor Employee Behavior and Driving Habits

Operating construction vehicles should be done with the utmost safety and caution.
The safety of construction workers and other equipment vehicles is put into jeopardy by a distracted driver— increasing the risk for on-site accidents.
A fleet manager needs to trust his employees will follow safety best practices when operating construction vehicles and equipment. Using fleet management solutions for tracking and monitoring  driver behaviors helps improve construction worker and equipment safety by providing comprehensive data reports on:
Acceleration & breaking rates
Turn frequency
Driving speeds
Idle times

Prevent Construction Fleet Vehicle Theft with Fleet Management Software

Construction fleet vehicle theft seems like an unlikely occurrence due to their large size and weight, but heavy equipment theft results in $1 billion in lost product each year. Discovering the theft days later, if it happened over the weekend, and a lack of a VIN can make locating the stolen vehicle near impossible.

An effective solution for construction fleet vehicle theft prevention is utilizing GPS tracking devices and fleet management software. Modern GPS software applications allow fleet managers to use  geofencing technology to set virtual boundaries that correspond with real-world geographic locations. Whenever tagged construction fleet vehicles leave or enter these designated zones, the fleet manager receives automated alerts via text or email. Certain Rastrac tracking devices even come equipped with a starter disabler function that prevents starter ignition during set hours, and can prevent the construction vehicle from turning on once it has been turned off.

Maintenance Scheduling Reduces Repair Costs

Delays due to equipment vehicle breakdowns decrease operational efficiency. Want to know whether your construction fleet vehicles are in good working condition and safe to use? By installing a fleet tracking device into your vehicle’s dashboard, it can connect to the onboard diagnostics system to monitor and accurately report on the condition of your construction vehicle’s assets.

Implementing  preventative maintenance strategies helps to reduce the cost of onsite mechanical failures by addressing maintenance issues before they become expensive repairs. With construction fleet tracking solutions, fleet management can receive up-to-date information on:

  • Hours of operation,

  • Engine mileage,

  • Fleet vehicle inspection dates,

  • Oil and fuel changes, and

  • Fuel usage levels.

Reduce Fuel Consumption Costs by Monitoring Equipment

Fueling construction fleet vehicles is one of the biggest expenses for construction businesses. Unnecessary fuel consumption occurs from a combination of:

  • Excessive idling,

  • Poor driving habits like hard acceleration and braking speeds, and

  • Improper maintenance scheduling.

Fleet tracking devices can monitor construction vehicles’ tank levels and alert management to leaky fuel lines. With remote monitoring, fleet managers can track a variety of factors and events such as when each fleet vehicle starts or stops, its engine performance and efficiency, and during what hours vehicles are in use.  This helps to hold construction workers accountable for any unauthorized use of construction fleet vehicles.

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Improve the operational efficiency of your construction fleet vehicles by integrating fleet tracking solutions into your fleet management practices. Help your construction business make the most of its investment by using Rastrac’s fleet management software and selection of GPS tracking devices to monitor vehicle performance and increase the safety of your construction assets.

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