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Rastrac Fuel Card

Cut fuel costs by 43 cents per gallon nationwide!

The Rastrac Fuel Card

Our fuel card, powered by AtoB, is now available to help you stay on top of your fleet's biggest operating expense. Our fuel card allows our customers to save an average of 43 cents per gallon nationwide! Plus, tech-enabled anti-fraud is included to keep you in charge of your fleet's fuel spend.


All users enjoy:

Fuel Pump

Fuel Discounts Nationwide

From Day 1, receive 3¢-10¢/gallon off your bill at our merchant partners, with a minimum of 2¢/gallon everywhere that Visa is accepted. After 90 days, unlock our Driver App exclusive discount network, with offers up to 25¢/gallon nationwide (offers must be claimed in Driver App).


Acceptance Nationwide with Visa

Forget chain-specific fuel cards. We're backed by Visa for acceptance nearly anywhere.

low fees

Transparent, Minimal Fees

When it comes to fees, we believe in minimalism. Unlike other cards on the market, the AtoB Fuel Card has transparent, sensible monthly card fees - no out-of-network fees, transaction fees, ACH fees, or high interest rates.


AtoB Perks

Receive cashback on maintenance, tires, washes, and more (see atob.com/perks for details).

Premium Features - FREE Exclusively for Rastrac Customers!


Customize Your Security

Set operational hours, whitelist/blacklist desired merchants, and customize expense type permissions. Easily alter settings in bulk across departments, offices, or staffing levels.


Set Custom Card Prompts

Optimize your reporting and control by prompting drivers for vehicle number, odometer, or employee ID.


Avoid Fuel Theft with Telematics Integration

Connect your AtoB Fuel Card to your telematics system to flag transactions that occur more than 150 meters from a company vehicle.


Optimal Station Selection

Prompt your drivers to fill up only at the cheapest locations nearby.

Net Payment Terms:

Weekly credit line with payment at the end of the week. Fleets that do not qualify for credit will receive a prepaid option with all of the same discounts, perks, and benefits.

Fleets of 50+ vehicles may be eligible for more flexible payment terms.


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arrow-road Your Ultimate Fleet Management Fuel Solution

Tracking and Reporting

The spend management system brings fleet managers complete visibility when it comes to spending and savings! All digital receipts can be tracked by card, location, or driver. Plus, you can develop custom reports to meet your fleet’s specific needs.

24/7 Support Team

The Rastrac and AtoB teams are here to help you and your drivers any time. You have a dedicated team to make sure your card is being used properly, safely, and securely.

Business Credit Bureau Reporting

AtoB knows how important it is for small businesses to build credit, which is why this fuel card regularly sends reports to Experian.


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