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Truck GPS Tracking for Transportation Services

Shipping is the lifeblood of the economy. Every day, cargo trucks carry untold volumes of goods and materials from one end of the continent to the other. The cargo load in a semi’s trailer can be worth tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. As such, it is vital for transportation companies to closely monitor and control their cargo loads.

GPS fleet management software for transportation helps cargo carriers control their shipments in several key ways.

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Monitoring Truck Driver Activities

Making sure that semi drivers are making the most efficient use of their time and resources is a difficult task during long cross-country treks. With GPS tracking devices, however, transportation companies can closely monitor driver activities such as:

  • Arrival and Departure Times (Schedule Maintenance). With a truck tracking system, dispatch offices can check to make sure that drivers are leaving the lot at the right time of day to maximize efficiency and ensure the timely arrival of deliveries.
  • Acceleration, Deceleration, and Idle Time. Monitoring driving habits, such as how quickly drivers accelerate and decelerate, can be useful for guiding driving behaviors to avoid the overconsumption of fuel. It can also help to curtail excessive idling, which consumes fuel without moving product any closer to the destination.
  • Adherence to Routes. If a driver goes off-route, there needs to be a good reason, as any detour can put extra wear and tear on a rig and consume extra fuel. With GPS monitoring, you can quickly spot when drivers go off-route and guide the driver back to the most efficient path.
  • Speed and Turning Habits. Big rigs are unwieldy vehicles in the best circumstances, and require careful driving to safely navigate highways and byways loaded with other vehicles. By monitoring a driver’s speed and turning habits with GPS trackers, fleet managers can ensure that drivers are practicing safe driving habits that keep trucks, cargo, and other motorists safe.

Enforcing HOS Compliance Among Drivers

The key to a safe and effective vehicle fleet is making sure that drivers are well-rested and healthy. Driving too many hours without rest in a short period of time is a major contributing factor for large commercial truck accidents.

GPS tracking helps transportation companies monitor driver activities and enforce HOS compliance so that drivers get the rest they need to be safe and alert behind the wheel.


Preventative Maintenance for Transportation Vehicles

Preventative maintenance is a huge issue for semi trucks and the trailers they carry. GPS monitoring devices help transportation companies optimize their maintenance scheduling.

How so?

With remote GPS monitoring devices, it’s possible to remotely collect key engine performance statistics and total mileage data. Using this information, fleet managers can earmark specific vehicles for preventative maintenance.

By identifying specific risk factors and prioritizing them for repair, you can minimize the risk of an on-the-road breakdown that interrupts your shipments and costs even more to fix than simple preventative work would. An ounce of maintenance is really worth a pound of repairs.

Increased Efficiency of Your Transportation Fleet

With important performance metrics, route data, use data, and other statistics at your disposal, it’s possible to improve the overall efficiency of your transportation vehicle fleet.

GPS fleet management software can help improve project management with reports that detail both actual mileage and performance statistics for every vehicle in your fleet. Turn-by-turn use data helps you track driver behaviors, and make improvements by spotting bad habits and bringing them to a driver’s attention.

With accurate use data, you can better track actual fuel consumption, helping to curtail fuel theft and fraud.

Having the right data can mean the difference between a highly efficient fleet that generates generous profits, and massive operational losses.

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