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Real-Time Fleet Management Software for Transportation Services

Fleet Transportation Services

Fleet transportation services are at the heart of a business's operations. Everyday fleet trucks carry significant amounts of cargo, often worth tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, from one location to another. Monitoring a fleet truck’s cargo to ensure the shipment is delivered to its destination safely and in good condition is a crucial responsibility for fleet managers. GPS tracking devices and fleet management software help fleet managers monitor operations in real time. They also provide comprehensive, up-to-date reports on the condition and whereabouts of the fleet truck.

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Reckless Driving Behaviors

A company’s transportation services require highly qualified drivers that will safely transport shipments to their next destination. Fleet management needs to ensure drivers make the most efficient use of their time and resources, and do not engage in reckless driving behaviors. Bad or dangerous driving habits create heavy wear and tear on a fleet vehicle, resulting in expensive maintenance, repairs, and part replacement costs — not to mention open your business up to potential lawsuits.


Monitor Driver Behaviors

A fleet driver’s bad driving behavior and failure to comply with hours of service (HOS) guidelines could also result in a serious accident which could damage the fleet vehicle and its cargo. With GPS tracking and fleet management software, fleet managers gain full visibility over a driver’s behavior by being able to accurately monitor:


A fleet vehicle’s start and stop time


Arrival and departure times


Acceleration, deceleration, and idle time


Adherence to route maps


Speed and turning

Improve Maintenance Scheduling with Fleet Tracking

Adhering to proper preventative maintenance strategies can reduce overall fleet maintenance costs and increase efficiency in a fleet vehicle’s transportation services. Implementing maintenance strategies help minimize the risk of breakdowns during a shipment. Integrating management software and fleet tracking devices with a vehicle’s onboard diagnostic system provides automated reports on a fleet vehicle’s performance and alerts for service issues that require maintenance scheduling. This allows fleet managers to keep accurate records of the following:

  • Oil and fluid changes
  • Fuel levels
  • Registration renewal
  • Inspection dates.

Track Temperature-Sensitive Assets By Monitoring Fleet Temperature Conditions

A cold storage system failure could result in hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of lost products. When transporting temperature-sensitive assets, drivers need to ensure that these shipments remain at specific temperature levels throughout the trip. Without remote temperature tracking, this means a driver periodically has to stop and pull over to read and record the cargo section’s temperature gauge. This takes time away from the transportation services and increases the risk for manually documented errors.

Fleet managers can monitor a vehicle’s cargo temperature levels remotely and minimize driver labor by using fleet management software to receive comprehensive temperature tracking reports on:

  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Humidity levels
  • Defrost cycles
  • Power fluctuations and disconnections

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Increase Efficiency of Transportation Services with Fleet Tracking

Fleet transportation services depend on high operational efficiency to ensure shipments are delivered on time with no product damage. Quality data reports on vehicle performance, route usage, fuel consumption, and other statistics help to improve fleet efficiency, reduce costs and increase business profits.

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