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Explore Rastrac’s Customizable Fleet Tracking & Management Solutions

At Rastrac, we’re dedicated to helping fleet and asset managers find a GPS tracking solution that meets their unique needs, goals, and budget – even if we have to create one for them!


Our comprehensive asset tracking and fleet management software is extremely versatile, allowing us to create customized solutions. This gives you greater insight into ways to reduce overhead costs while improving operational efficiency and employee safety. 

You’ll also have the ability to add or remove features or reports from your software dashboard, giving you the information you want, not the data you don’t.

Custom Solution Successes

Here’s a look at how Rastrac came to the rescue for clients with specific fleet and asset tracking needs.


Associated Supply Company (ASCO) came to us wanting custom reports that would provide details on heavy equipment usage over a 7-day period. We created the custom report following ASCO’s desired structure, and built a personalized user interface where data can be easily entered rather than having to import cumbersome Excel spreadsheets, saving valuable time and resources for staff members.


A global sports constructions company wanted to prevent the use of vehicles after hours of business operation. We created a custom GPS solution that disables the starter function on vehicles during certain times, resuming normal function when in business hours. The system respects the time zone the GPS device is present in, and includes an option for fleet managers to disable the starter remotely during other times for even more customization.


The McKinney Avenue Transit Authority wanted to transition its daily reports to a paperless format and needed cloud storage for housing them. We digitized the forms and then created a customized, password-protected website where they can be viewed and completed securely. Additional client-requested forms that would require a signature, but could not be edited after signing, were also made available at a management level.


Polar Leasing Company, a manufacturer of walk-in coolers, wanted a system of alerting customers when the door of their unit was left open for 15+ minutes, compromising temperature. We created a custom GPS device that sends notifications when a unit’s door is not properly closed. Today, this prevents Polar from sending service techs out on costly customer calls claiming a unit isn’t working properly when it’s simply a matter of doors being left open.


Thermal Trek, a provider of refrigerated trailers and container rentals, needed visibility into their unit diagnostics to track performance. We developed a custom wireless interface for Thermal Trek’s refrigerated containers so they could track critical operational data, such as unit serial numbers, supply air temperature, return air temperature, and more. Now, Thermal Trek has a complete picture of the overall performance of their refrigerated containers.

Customized GPS Tracking Solutions for Fleet Management & Asset Tracking

This resource walks through the creation of custom solutions and shares how GPS fleet tracking and asset tracking uses fleet intelligence, automated reporting, and alert notifications to:

  • Provide greater fleet visibility,
  • Increase efficiency, and
  • Drive down costs.

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Make your GPS tools conform to your needs – not the other way around! Whether you’re looking to create a custom dashboard, report, website, or tracking feature, your dedicated Rastrac Project Consultant will work with you to build it quickly and cost-effectively. 

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