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Oil & Gas Fleet Vehicle Tracking Solutions

The highly competitive oil and gas industry is moving into the digital age. Remote monitoring of oil and gas extraction and transportation activities through a vehicle tracking system is now essential for businesses. Not only does it help to increase efficiency and worker safety, but it also helps businesses meet their production goals and minimize delays that decrease revenue.

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GPS Fleet Tracking for Oil & Gas Services

Global GPS tracking technologies, such as Rastrac’s GPS tracking software and devices, are becoming increasingly beneficial to oil and gas industry leaders around the globe. These GPS fleet management solutions help to accomplish these goals of reducing costs, increasing worker safety and achieving rapid ROI in several ways:

  • Getting up-to-date fleet vehicle locations with real time tracking;
  • Helping you keep your fleet vehicles well-maintained;
  • Ensuring drivers adhere to their routes and schedules;
  • Tracking and enforcing safe driving behaviors;
  • Reducing the risk of vehicle and equipment theft; and

Creating safety training that corrects issues based on real driver behavior data.

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Remote Monitoring for Oil & Gas Equipment Tracking

As you know, in the oil and gas industry, trucks are used for many different purposes, such as delivering:

  • Oil and gas products to customers
  • Water to drilling sites
  • Equipment between job sites
  • Gravel and rocks for pipeline corridor lining
  • Food and other provisions
  • Oil drilling rigs for different field locations.

Remotely monitoring the status and content levels of oil & gas transportation equipment with fleet management software is safer and more reliable than traditional methods. 


As a fleet manager, remote access to this data can help you make better-informed decisions concerning your fleet’s extraction equipment without putting workers at risk.

Using remote monitoring for equipment tracking, you can check a variety of key performance statistic, including:

  • Tank levels,
  • Pressure levels,
  • Operation temperatures, and
  • Fluid flow rates.

Your remote monitoring system also can check for specific operational thresholds that you define. If a threshold is exceeded, an alert will be issued immediately, enabling you to act quickly to address the problem.

Reduce Repair Costs with Regular Preventative Maintenance

Did you know that remote monitoring also can be used to improve vehicle maintenance scheduling for your fleet? GPS fleet tracking systems can tap into each fleet vehicle’s onboard diagnostics systems, providing you with real time remote diagnostics for every GPS-tagged vehicle.

Oil & Gas Fleet Management is More Than Location Tracking

As you can see, effective monitoring of your oil and gas fleet vehicles goes beyond tracking their locations. It is a way for you to monitor and track other critical aspects of fleet management as well.

With a Rastrac fleet tracking system for oil and gas vehicles, you can ensure drivers pick the most efficient routes that avoid hard-to-navigate roads and traffic delays. If they’re off course, you can reach out to see if they are lost or need help. Furthermore, you can monitor many aspects of their driver behavior to ensure they operate vehicles safely and efficiently while transporting combustibles.

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