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Streamline Operations for Municipal Fleet Management

Maximize Municipal Sanitation Services While Staying Under Budget

We understand that municipalities are being told to do more and more every year, and usually with fewer resources available. Working with such constraints can be tough, and Rastrac knows municipal directors have to be strategic in managing operations. Our eBook provides guidance and solutions to help municipalities maximize services while adhering to a budget.

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Gain Insights to Improve Route Efficiencies, Fuel Costs, and Beyond

Rastrac recognizes the importance of streamlining operations for municipal fleet management in terms of reducing waste, rising fuel costs, and managing time. Our StreetComplete is a vehicle tracking solution that helps with route optimization to allow municipalities to monitor any given service area. It optimizes municipal route planning and utilizes color-coded street maps to show fleet managers which streets have been visited by a GPS-tagged vehicle recently and which ones need attention.

This software is easy to use and provides a comprehensive overview of your municipal fleet.

StreetComplete helps with:

  • Controlling fuel costs
  • Driving behaviors
  • Handling emergency road service
  • Improving route efficiency
  • Preventing breakdowns

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Improve Municipality Management and Trash Collection with StreetComplete

Rastrac understands municipal service demands can change with each season and each type of fleet serves a variety of purposes.

Sanitation Services

  • Track in real-time which roads garbage collection teams have visited - and when - to ensure thorough coverage of every street in your municipality. Optimize trash collection routes to maximize service while minimizing fuel waste.
  • Ensure that every road is swept on a consistent and regular schedule that prevents interference with your citizens’ morning commute. In the event of a natural disaster or major weather event like a hurricane, this technology is even more important.


  • Some of the biggest challenges municipalities face during the winter include managing ice countermeasures, handling equipment maintenance, and optimizing snow plow routes. StreetComplete tracks which streets have recently been plowed and salted so municipal managers can optimize their plow deployments to avoid wasting valuable road salt while keeping their streets clear of snow.

Law Enforcement 

  • StreetComplete helps municipalities increase safety for officers, improve the scope of police patrols, and monitor routes.

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Leverage GPS Data to Better Manage Your Fleets

  • Survey the current locations of all municipality field assets in real-time (dump trucks, road maintenance trucks, and more)
  • Optimize the route planning for efficiency in trash pickup and street cleaning to save on time, labor, and fuel costs
  • Track the amount of time that has passed since a street was last swept or plowed, with easy-to-read color code indicators
  • Observe driving habits, such as braking and acceleration behaviors on a turn-by-turn basis for each driver to ensure safe driving
  • Monitor key engine performance statistics (for GPS trackers with diagnostic capabilities)

Bring All Your Data Together for Easy Remote Monitoring

StreetComplete presents actionable data and simplifies monitoring so your fleet can best serve its municipality. Find out how Rastrac can optimize your workforce today!

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