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Telematics Solutions for Government Assets and Vehicles

Real Time GPS Fleet Tracking for Government Vehicles

Maintaining the road infrastructure of communities across the United States and the world is typically left up to government agencies and their trusted government vehicles. Government agencies are responsible for everything from clearing and repairing roadways of potholes and debris, to managing seasonal hazards such as snow and ice, to engaging in disaster recovery after a tornado or hurricane. GPS fleet tracking helps to increase both efficiency and worker safety while decreasing costs that are paid for via public funding.

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Gain Visibility into Your Fleet of Government Vehicles

Many government agencies are turning to GPS fleet management solutions for tracking and managing their fleets of government vehicles. Knowing with certainty where your employees are, how they are operating your fleet, and whether they are sticking to their assigned routes is essential to the efficiency of government agencies.

Monitoring driver activities along with vehicle conditions and locations with a reliable and agile vehicle tracking system can help you gain greater visibility into your government vehicle fleet operations by:

  • Tracking and enforcing safe driving behaviors and speeds;
  • Ensuring drivers stick with their assigned routes and schedules;
  • Providing enhanced reports that detail actual mileage and performance;
  • Helping keep vehicles operating in peak condition with maintenance scheduling; and
  • Mitigating or reducing the risk of vehicle or equipment theft.

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Improved Snow and Ice Management and Trash Collection with StreetComplete

GPS for snow clearing is something some major metropolitan areas have been using for several years to optimize route planning — maximizing coverage and reducing waste. Using snow removal tracking is done by equipping your each snow plow with a snow plow tracker, which monitors your equipment. Similarly, garbage truck GPS tracking is helpful for monitoring your sanitation and trash collection operations. Government GPS tracking helps to keep your operations running at peak efficiency, which maximizes the safety and convenience of your employees and commuters.

  • Road maintenance and inspections,
  • Street sweeping, and
  • Law enforcement and security patrols.

GPS fleet tracking devices, in combination with Rastrac’s StreetComplete software, track equipment and vehicle movement in real time on a color-coded map that “ages” as time progresses to show how long it has been since an area was last serviced by a tagged government vehicle.

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Government Vehicle Tracking Goes Beyond Mere Location

It’s easy to see how effective monitoring of your government vehicles reaches far beyond the limitations of location tracking. It provides a way to monitor and track other vital aspects of fleet management as well that can positively affect your budget.
With a Rastrac vehicle tracking system for government vehicles, you can streamline your operations and have your employees perform their responsibilities in the field more efficiently. Knowing what areas have been serviced and how recently with GPS vehicle tracking can help to minimize blocked roadways and keep your city, county, or municipality moving in the right direction and operating in peak condition.

Remote Monitoring, Dispatch, and Maintenance of Municipal Vehicles

Remote monitoring of the condition of your assets in the field, and having the ability to dispatch units that are closest to a jobsite, is a reality with GPS fleet tracking. With automated tracking solutions for government vehicles and equipment, you can:

  • Dispatch the closest maintenance vehicles quickly and efficiently;
  • Monitor engine performance data to identify any need for repairs;
  • Monitor and regulate the amount of salt as snow and ice countermeasures; and
  • Track the scheduled maintenance of individual vehicles.


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