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Tracking Solutions for Medical Equipment

Stay informed on the location of your medical devices to prevent theft and loss, streamline inventory management, and ensure a positive patient experience.  

We know healthcare workers and practices have enough to worry about without needing to spend precious time and resources on locating important equipment or tracking down patient devices. 

However, you still need to keep tabs on these critical pieces of technology—that’s where medical tracking solutions come into play.

By utilizing medical tracking technology, your healthcare team can gain visibility into inventory statuses, prevent theft or misplacement of equipment, and monitor performance metrics to ensure patient safety.


Secure Your Medical Devices With Healthcare Asset Tracking Solutions

Medical devices aren’t cheap—and while it’s nice to have good faith in the patients or caretakers you loan equipment out to, it’s better to ensure the medical device is where it should be. That’s where Rastrac’s automated tracking solutions can give you peace of mind and safeguard your financial bottom line.

With Rastrac’s medical tracking capabilities, you’ll always know where your loaned devices are located. In the event of theft or misuse, you’ll be able to track them down immediately without having to wait days or weeks for authorities to find them.

Utilizing tracking solutions for medical devices saves you time and money, plus the headache of forever losing those devices.

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The Benefits of Healthcare Asset Tracking

Automate Maintenance

Get notified when equipment needs attention before it unexpectedly breaks down

Streamline Operations

Your team can spend their time and energy delivering quality care instead of hunting down assets

Gain Valuable Insights

With medical tracking, you can learn how and where your equipment is being used & make informed budgeting decisions

Prevent Theft

Implementing a medical tracking system means you’ll never lose your equipment

Enjoy Ongoing Updates

Backed by Rastrac, your medical tracking system will be continuously updated to ensure compatibility across all platforms


Extend the Life of Your Rented Medical Equipment

By implementing tracking solutions for your loaned-out medical devices, you’ll gain invaluable insight into their usage, confirm that they’re in approved locations, and ultimately ensure that your clients get the most intended use out of them.

GPS tracking devices can alert you about the needed maintenance of the medical equipment, which further ensures uninterrupted usage for the client while properly addressing any wear-and-tear issues. Maintenance alerts enable you to communicate with the user of the medical device about the status of the equipment, which is another marker of device handling or misuse.

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Explore Rastrac’s Medical Device Tracking Software

Medical tracking devices are moot without comprehensive, user-friendly software to analyze their metrics and monitor patterns! 

Rastrac’s devices are linked in an all-in-one telematics system that combines telecommunications with informatics gathered by the device. You can utilize the following options to best suit your needs and organizational goals:

Standalone Services

Tracking Service Products

With Rastrac’s standalone software or Internet application, the interface can be white-labeled for a seamless user experience and you determine how to track your assets.

Web-Based Services

Rastrac Tracking Service

No contracts, no activation fees, and no catch—customize the view of your medical device tracking. Unlimited log-ins and position retrievals are included.

Web-Based Services

Server Edition

Host an exclusive web server with support from Rastrac’s team to give your customers a cohesive tracking experience through your services.


Learn About Rastrac’s All-In-One Medical Tracking Device

Rastrac’s Prime MD4G device has a battery life of two to three years. It’s lightweight and can provide daily updates with nominal maintenance on the device itself—plus, it’s screw-on or zip-tie mountable, so it can conform to almost any situation needed!

With this medical tracking device, you can:

  • Track and manage medical equipment internally or at patients’ locations via Google Maps or your own internal system
  • Locate missing or stolen equipment
  • Identify all equipment at a patient’s location at end of service
  • Gain total equipment maintenance visibility
  • Get a notification when the equipment leaves the patients’ approved location
  • Determine which of your medical equipment devices are used most often

Gain ongoing access to upgrades that contain new features and updates to ensure compatibility with the newest computer hardware and communication systems.

With support from Rastrac’s team of established innovators in tracking systems, backed by over 25 years and the tracking of over $1.5 billion in vehicles and assets, your medical equipment will be in safe hands!

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Custom Medical Tracking Solutions

Rastrac offers a variety of customizable medical tracking solutions to be as flexible as your schedule and talent need it to be. Our systems are designed to work seamlessly with your operations—not hinder them. 

Discover our user-friendly and comprehensive medical tracking systems, which can be managed via:

The Rastrac Mobile App

Get real-time medical tracking information in the palm of your hand

Geofencing by Rastrac

Establish invisible boundaries for your important—and expensive—equipment and get alerts when they leave

Updates with RastracGo

Determine how frequently you want updates about your medical equipment

Secure Your Medical Devices  

Track your medical assets to support your inventory management, streamline operations, and extend the life of your equipment. Reach out to the Rastrac team today!

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