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Rastrac FAQs

What is the Rastrac Solution?

Rastrac combines the power of satellite-based GPS and wireless networking to give you the ability to track and monitor your mobile assets from any computer connected to the Internet. The Rastrac system consists of a rugged GPS receiver and wireless modem that transmits accurate GPS coordinates to our Rastrac server. Then, authorized users can access that data on any Internet-enabled device using the most up-to-date browsers. Location and path information is available in map form, and also in a variety of print-ready report formats.


How long has Rastrac been in business?

Rastrac has been building loyalty and trust since 1993 and tracks over $1.5 billion in assets around the world.


What is the up-time for the Rastrac software?

The Rastrac team of full-time developers plus equipment experts has made our entire offering feature-rich, reliable, and trustworthy with a 99.99% up-time record.


What are your contract terms?

Our pricing is very flexible so that we can accommodate all our customers, whether they are commercial offices or government entities. We offer month-to month to 5-year term service agreements. We can also bundle equipment pricing into monthly payments, or our customers can purchase the devices outright. We do not have automatic renewals on our contracts.


Will the GPS tracking devices be locked?

No, our devices are not locked to only work with our software. We offer open devices that are compatible with different fleet management software programs which can be carried over from one system to the next.


Does Rastrac have an API?

Yes, we do have an API. APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are tools which allow software developers to build their own software applications. This will allow you to build custom integrations with Rastrac for your software. 


Is there a Rastrac software support team?

We have a knowledgeable and experienced software support team to implement new features that you may need.


Does the software have many features?

Rastrac’s service is feature-rich, but you can keep it simple by setting alerts and reports so it becomes a “set and forget” tool for you.


Is Rastrac hard to install and learn?

Not at all. We have a detailed onboarding process and will train you via phone and web conference on how to use the software to achieve your goals.


How does the user access the software?

Rastrac delivers solutions for every situation. Our customers have the option to:

  • License our software
  • Have us host the software for them at secure and diverse co-location sites
  • Take advantage of our SaaS solution in the cloud


What is the warranty on the device?

Typically, your tracking device will include a one-year warranty. However, the length of a contract (if any) will determine the overall length of a warranty.


What kind of devices can I use to view my tracking information?

You can view the tracking information from any device with an active internet connection. This includes a PC, smartphone, or tablet.


In what formats will I receive any reports?

You have the options to receive your reports in Adobe PDF, comma delimited, HTML, Microsoft Excel, or tab delimited.


Am I able to receive automated reports?

Yes, you can receive automated reports via e-mail daily, weekly, or monthly for individual vehicles, a group of vehicles, or all your vehicles. We currently offer over 25 reports.


What types of alerts am I able to receive?

You can receive alerts via e-mail or text message for various events including entering/exiting a geofence, ignition on/off, power on/off, movement, speeding, power disconnected, low battery, rapid acceleration or deceleration, RPM, low fuel, excessive idling, low battery, maintenance alerts, and more.


How long is my data stored on the system?

You can access your data for 90 days. After that time, we will archive the data on our servers, and it may be recovered upon request. 


Do you include software updates in the pricing?

Yes, most software updates will be added at no additional cost.


Am I able to control any vehicle aspects remotely?

We do offer the ability to disable the starter remotely. If the vehicle is currently running when this is enabled, it will not turn the engine off. It will simply ensure that the starter does not engage the next time it is turned on. You are also able to activate time-based starter disables to automatically disable the starter during after-work hours.


Is the Rastrac solution appropriate for any size fleet?

Yes. Rastrac requires no up-front investment in servers or software, so the Rastrac service is equally cost-effective for one to one million!


Is Rastrac a real-time solution?

Almost. The in-vehicle Rastrac unit transmits GPS position data to the Rastrac servers, which in turn updates your Rastrac web pages. Updates are transmitted at standard intervals; this provides timely location updates while avoiding the data-overload problems that come with continuous position updates. The Rastrac web site mapping will display asset position as updates are received. You control settings for how often the maps update and when to receive a vehicle report. So depending on both mapping and vehicle updates – location data can be virtually real-time!


How can you get Rastrac?

Most of the systems we sell and support are unique, depending on customer requirements. Our sales team will be happy to provide a quote for your needs. Call us at (877) 680-1188, email us at sales@rastrac.com, or contact us online.


What is the cost?

Rastrac doesn’t cost, it pays.


Why Choose RASTRAC for Your GPS Tracking