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Telematics Systems for GPS
Asset Management

Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP) compliant solutions for
GPS asset tracking systems and management software.

Make Asset Management Simpler with Telematics Data and Software!

GPS tracking systems aren’t just for managing fleet vehicles anymore. These days, companies in all industries use telematics systems for many kinds of applications. A GPS asset tracking system can be used to:

  • Prevent equipment theft/loss
  • Optimize maintenance scheduling of motorized equipment
  • Verify asset locations for contract enforcement
  • Monitor environmental conditions (ex: temperature, humidity)
  • Track asset use with telematics data and
  • Log when powered assets are turned on or off

telematic data vehicles assets

From heavy construction equipment to portable generators, refrigerated trailers to emergency medical equipment and supplies, asset tracking systems can be a crucial resource for optimizing asset utilization and protecting a business’ equipment investments.

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What is a Telematics System?

In asset tracking, telematics is the use of telecommunications and informatics systems to monitor the location and/or status of various types of assets in the field.

The potential applications and goals of telematics solutions are varied depending on the type of telematics tracking hardware and software used, as well as the nature of the business using the telematics system.

Telematics equipment, such as GPS tracker hardware or similar data gathering tools, collect information about assets and the environment around them. Specialized GPS asset management software takes the raw telematics data collected by these trackers to generate reports that asset owners and managers can use.

Without both hardware and software, telematics solutions cannot work. It’s also important to ensure that the hardware and software used are suitable for the given application/need and will work well together. This is where reliable telematics system providers like Rastrac can help.

Rastrac’s asset tracking telematics systems help business owners and managers become their own heroes—collecting critical data and using it to achieve operational excellence.

Why Use GPS Asset Tracking?

Leveraging top-of-the-line GPS asset tracking systems can help you streamline your asset management tasks—saving time and money while improving asset utilization. Having easy access to telematics data from a GPS tracking device gives you better control of your company’s high-value assets.

Naturally, the benefits of GPS asset tracking and telematics for asset management will vary depending on the specific GPS tracker hardware and software you use. Some common benefits of using telematics systems for asset tracking include:

Optimized Shrink/Loss Ratios for Tagged Assets

Inventory shrink (the theft or loss of goods or other assets) is a constant concern for organizations of all sizes and industries. With GPS location data on tagged assets, it is possible to quickly recover stolen assets and minimize the risk of suffering the permanent loss of (or damage to) high-value assets like generators, construction equipment, and flatbeds/trailers.

Improved Contract Enforcement for Rented Equipment

Many companies that rent heavy equipment use GPS tracking hardware and asset management software to track how (and where) their assets are used. This is beneficial for ensuring that rented equipment is only used in a manner that is consistent with the rental agreement and for providing evidence when a contract enforcement dispute arises.

Optimized Asset Maintenance

Wear and tear is a huge concern for many assets in the field. Over-maintaining assets wastes money, but under-maintaining them can lead to catastrophic failures and safety issues. By tracking use statistics like total operational hours and time since last service, asset owners can improve maintenance scheduling to keep assets in top shape while minimizing maintenance costs.

Better Customer Support

Tracking the current status of assets in the field allows businesses to increase their responsiveness to customer requests and emergencies. For example, if a refrigerated truck or container loses power, telematics systems would allow the rental company to send an alert to the renter. This could save them thousands of dollars in lost product and help build goodwill.

Rastrac’s GPS Asset Tracking Software Installation and Service Options

Standalone Services

Tracking Service Products

With Rastrac, you can purchase standalone software or the Rastrac Internet Server Application. With these options, you can choose how you want to access your asset tracking telematics data. Additionally, the interface can be customized and white-labeled for your organization to ensure a seamless user experience with your own software.

Web-Based Services

Rastrac Tracking Service

With Rastrac’s GPS asset management services, there are no contracts, no activations, and no minimums to start. You simply choose your own active update rates for your GPS tracker hardware. The telematics software includes unlimited logins and position retrieval for your GPS-tagged assets as well.

Web-Based Services

Server Edition

Get dedicated hosting with a web server for your company to provide tracking services to its own customers. The Rastrac team will take care of server hosting and maintenance tasks so you can focus on taking care of your customers. Our interface is white/private-labeled and configured for your company’s needs.

Custom Asset Tracking GPS Solutions

At Rastrac, we offer an array of services and tools to meet the needs of customers in numerous industries. Whether you need to track trailers in the oil and gas industry, heavy equipment rentals, or the current location of maintenance/service vehicles, there’s a specialized Rastrac solution that can help!

Some of our services include:

Rastrac GPS Tracking on Mobile

How to Create a Custom GPS Asset Tracking Solution with Rastrac

Whether you’re looking to create a custom report or a new tracking feature, we work with both new and existing clients to develop solutions tailored that meet their needs. Here’s how the customization process works:

  1. One of our Project Consultants will serve as your point of contact as soon as you reach out.
  2. Simply explain your needs and goals — your Project Consultant will take it from there, working with developers to determine the project’s feasibility, scope, timeline, and any costs associated with it.

You don’t need to do anything else; our team of experts will handle the process and return to you with specific information about your custom solution within a few business days.

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