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GPS Tracking Devices & Fleet Management Solutions for Refrigerated Trucks and Containers

Real-Time GPS Tracking for Refrigerated Vehicles

Refrigerated vehicles often carry significant amounts of valuable and time-sensitive assets. If they don’t arrive at the right location quickly and efficiently, these assets could expire before they’re able to be used, resulting in wasted labor, fuel, and material costs. So, monitoring refrigerated truck fleets to ensure all shipments are delivered safely, timely, and in good condition should be a top concern for fleet management.

With GPS tracking devices and fleet management software, fleet managers can access real-time location data and rely on temperature monitoring capabilities to safeguard the assets in their refrigerated vehicles. You’ll always know where your vehicle is, if it is on the most optimized route, and the conditions in which it is traveling.

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Temperature Monitoring

Remotely Monitor Conditions in Your Refrigerated Truck Fleet

A cold storage system failure in a refrigerated truck fleet could result in hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of lost inventory, so drivers need to make sure their refrigerated vehicles are always operating in the right conditions. This used to mean regularly stopping to pull over and check the vehicle’s temperature gauge, then manually reporting findings to fleet management. But, this process wastes time and is prone to human error.

Instead, modern GPS tracking devices and software can be used as a temperature monitoring tool. By connecting additional sensors to the GPS tracking devices in your refrigerated truck fleet, it becomes possible to remotely track the temperature inside any vehicle and send this data directly to fleet management. This reduces driver labor and allows any issues to be identified and resolved quickly to save the valuable assets! There are even sensors that can alert drivers when truck doors are opened and closed so they can ensure climate controlled air isn’t escaping the vehicle.

With fleet management software, you can gather comprehensive reports on:
  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Defrost cycles
  • Power fluctuations and disconnections

Industries That Could Benefit from Refrigeration GPS Tracking Devices


Food and beverage distributors


Florist deliveries


Cosmetic companies


Medicine & vaccine distributors


Organ transport for transplants

Optimize Maintenance Scheduling Through Fleet Management Software

Properly scheduled maintenance can save fleet management a lot of money in the long run. By identifying potential issues and proactively making smaller repairs, you can avoid total vehicle failure that is incredibly costly and results in more downtime. Integrating GPS tracking software with a vehicle’s onboard diagnostic system provides automated reports on a refrigerated vehicle’s performance over time and sends alerts for immediate service issues.

This enables fleet management to keep accurate records of the following so they can create a strategic maintenance schedule to keep their refrigerated vehicles operating at maximum capacity:

  • Oil and fluid changes
  • Fuel levels
  • Registration renewal
  • Inspection dates

Enhance Temperature Monitoring and Operational Efficiency in Refrigerated Truck Fleets

When dealing with refrigerated shipments, there is simply no time to waste. Maximizing operational efficiency is vital to make sure your valuable assets are transported in the proper conditions and delivered on time. Real-time location and temperature monitoring through Rastrac’s GPS tracking devices and fleet management solutions can make this a reality in your refrigerated truck fleet!

Temperature Monitoring

Reduce Unnecessary Alerts with Smart Temp by Rastrac

Smart Temp will evaluate if the device’s temperature is in or out of range based on the Smart Temp set for the device and the range setting chosen by the customer.

For example, Rastrac can alert you when the temperature is 20 degrees above or 20 degrees below the Smart Temp for 60 minutes or more. This is ideal for defrost cycles, since you will only be alerted if the temperature deviates from your Smart Temp for over 60 minutes. The temperature range and time period are all completely customizable.


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