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Fleet Management Solutions Backed by GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS fleet management and asset tracking solutions use satellite technology to triangulate the locations of vehicles, equipment, and other valuable assets tagged with GPS tracking devices. For fleet managers, fleet management solutions make their jobs significantly easier and more efficient.

Fleet managers need all the help they can get. According to the U.S. General Services Administration (GSP) fiscal year 2017 (FY2017) report, government fleets alone consist of more than 640,000 trucks, passenger vehicles, and other types of vehicles. Fleet management system offers customizable solutions for tracking and monitoring assets — both in terms of their locations and their physical conditions.

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    How GPS Fleet Management Solutions Work

    At its core, fleet management is the optimization of risks, costs, and efficiencies that contribute to a business or organization’s fleet operations. This administrative function frequently involves the use of fleet tracking software, GPS tracking devices, and telematics to perform its variety of responsibilities, including the following.

    The overarching goal of fleet management solutions is to help fleet managers remotely track and monitor their fleets to make operations more efficient, reduce overhead costs, increase profitability, and provide better customer service.

    Vehicle Tracking and Onboard Diagnostics
    Data Tracking and Reporting
    Preventative Maintenance & Repairs
    Employee Management and Scheduling
    Vehicle and Asset Scheduling

    Fleet Management Software

    Some GPS fleet tracking software options are versatile. For example, fleet managers can choose to purchase stand-alone fleet management software or use Rastrac’s internet server application. With an interface that can be customized and labeled for each specific client, this solution makes it tailor fit to meet the needs of virtually any organization.

    GPS Tracking Devices

    GPS trackers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, capabilities and power types. Some GPS tracking devices are large and hard wire into a vehicle or another large asset. Others, like the RastracGo portable tracking device, are small and can simply attach to or be placed inside a small asset. RastracGo can even be used to track small packages.

    Is Fleet Management a Good Solution for Your Organization?

    A fleet manager needs to consider many variables when choosing a fleet management system. Some of these considerations include:

    • The up-front and ongoing costs of the fleet management software and GPS tracking devices
    • The ease of use of the technology
    • How the fleet management solution will be used and integrated with existing technology
    • Whether the system is one-size-fits-all or is customizable
    • What functionalities and features are needed or are unnecessary

    GPS fleet management is a valuable capability for fleet managers in a variety of industries, including those who work for businesses (such as executive fleets, cargo transportation, trash compaction), government, law enforcement, and public safety.

    Fleet management solutions help fleet managers identify and address costly driver habits, such as leaving engines idling for extended periods. This results in unnecessary fuel usage and wear and tear on the engine. According to Ford Motor Company, engine idle time is more costly than many fleet managers may realize: “For every hour that the vehicle idles, it has accumulated the equivalent of approximately 33 miles (53 km) of driving.”

    What Can You Monitor with GPS Fleet Management Solutions?

    When it comes to remote fleet monitoring, there are many things that can be monitored:

    Group 42 Locations

    When a fleet management system features a geofencing tool, fleet managers can set up virtual boundaries that correspond with real-world geographic locations. Whenever an asset equipped with a GPS tracker enters or leaves the area, an automatic alert will be sent via text or email to notify the manager of the movement.

    Group 43 Driver Behaviors

    • Hard Braking
    • Brake Checking
    • Rapid Acceleration
    • Driving Speed
    • Hours of Operation
    • Turning Motion

    Group 44 Routes and Service Frequency

    StreetComplete is a live tracking tool in Rastrac’s fleet tracking software dashboard that allows fleet managers to track and monitor service routes in real time. With StreetComplete, you can determine what routes have been serviced and how recently in real time on a color-coded map that ages.

    Group 46 Asset/Vehicle Conditions

    Is your vehicle or asset running in good working condition? With Rastrac’s remote fleet monitoring capabilities, you can track a variety of events and conditions, including:

    • Engine Idle Time
    • Engine Performance
    • Hours of Use
    • Door Openings and Closings
    • Activations/Deactivations

    Group 45 Environmental Conditions

    With the remote vehicle monitoring capabilities of Rastrac’s fleet management solutions, you can access data in real time or receive automated reports and notifications about the conditions within your vehicle. Many modern GPS tracking devices are capable of tracking a variety of factors, including:

    • Refrigeration levels
    • Pressure
    • Temperature
    • Noise
    • Ambient light

    Fleet Tracking Software Dashboard

    Designed using a customizable application program interface (API), Rastrac’s fleet management software dashboard helps fleet managers stay up-to-date on their operations. Users can view key metrics and data on vehicles and drivers in a glance, as well as set reports to generate automatically.

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    Fleet Management ROI Calculator

    A fleet management system is a significant investment for many businesses and organizations. Some organizations may choose to use capital expenses (CapEx) funds to purchase a considerable one-time expense. Other fleet managers may elect to use operational expense (OpEx) budget to instead make it part of their annual operating budget. No matter whether you choose to use CapEx or OpEx, an investment in an agile fleet management system is a win for your organization.

    With Rastrac’s new ROI Calculator, we can take the guesswork out of the equation. Our project consultants can help fleet managers and owners calculate their expected return on investment (ROI) when they purchase fleet management solutions.

    Just a few of the parameters the calculator considers include:

    Fleet Size
    Vehicle Types
    Exact Mileage
    Wasted Time
    Engine Idle Time
    Insurance Savings

    Fleet Management Solutions for a Variety of Industries

    We have industry-specific resources that can help you understand how Rastrac’s cost-effective GPS fleet management solutions can help to make your operations more efficient. Choose from the list below to learn more about your specific industry.


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