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Optimize Municipal Fleet Operations With StreetComplete


For some fleet managers, the biggest challenge isn’t controlling individual assets in the field but ensuring that every part of your service area has been thoroughly covered. This is where Rastrac’s StreetComplete can be a life-saver. 

StreetComplete gives users the ability to monitor their service coverage area on a real-time map with color-coded, aging routes marked onto it. This makes it a powerful, versatile, and fully customizable tool designed for any application that requires repeated coverage/monitoring of a specific service area.

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Uses for StreetComplete

StreetComplete is frequently used to monitor activities such as:

  • Street Sweeping
  • Trash Collection
  • Snowplow Operations
  • Police/Security Patrols
  • Road Maintenance/Inspections

The benefit of StreetComplete for these applications is that it allows users to track how long it has been since a given street or path was last serviced/patrolled at a glance. Municipalities often use StreetComplete to improve their efficiency and coverage for snowplow operations, allowing them to cover more ground with fewer vehicles and labor.

How StreetComplete Works

StreetComplete is surprisingly easy to use for such a powerful route optimization tool. Users simply define a set of colors and timelines to best fit their situation. Once a site or route has been visited, the plugin marks that spot with the first color in the timeline.

As time passes, that spot will change colors to match the assigned color for that “time since last service.”

For example, say that police dispatch needs to make sure that different streets are checked every hour. The user could set StreetComplete to display green for streets that have been patrolled in the last 15 minutes, yellow for ones that were patrolled between 16 and 40 minutes ago, and red for streets that haven’t been patrolled in the last 41 minutes or longer.

Once the street has been patrolled, it will cycle back to the first color in the order. The granularity of your color coding and scheduling is highly adjustable to meet each user’s specific needs.

Users can even right click on specific routes to see exactly when they were last visited. For more information, check out a video of StreetComplete.