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Make Municipal Operations Better with StreetComplete

What is StreetComplete?

Rastrac's StreetComplete is a vehicle tracking solution that helps with route optimization to allow municipalities (and other organizations) to monitor a given service area. This telematics system uses color-coded street maps to show fleet managers which streets have been visited by a GPS-tagged vehicle recently and which ones haven’t.

Fleet management teams can customize the color codes in the StreetComplete fleet tracking software to match their needs and preferences. It is a powerful, versatile, and highly-customizable tool for virtually any municipal service that requires repeated coverage or monitoring of a specific borough, city, or county.

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How Can Municipalities Use StreetComplete?

How can municipal operations be improved by knowing which streets have been visited by a municipal vehicle recently? Here are a few use cases for Rastrac’s StreetComplete telematics solution in municipal fleet management.

screwdriver-and-wrench-icon Snowplow Operations

Many municipalities use StreetComplete in their snowplow operations. By tracking which streets have recently been plowed and salted, municipal managers can optimize their plow deployments to avoid wasting valuable road salt while keeping their streets clear of snow.

StreetComplete is also great for citizens to know where streets have been cleared of snow, and when a snowplow is coming to their neighborhood.

Some of the biggest challenges municipalities face during the winter season include:

  • Managing ice countermeasures;
  • Handling equipment maintenance;
  • Optimizing snowplowing routes; and
  • Minimizing unsafe driving behaviors.

screwdriver-and-wrench-icon Trash Collection

Keep track of which roads garbage collection teams have visited and when to ensure thorough coverage of every street in your municipality. Optimize trash collection routes to maximize coverage while minimizing fuel waste.

The StreetComplete software plugin enables fleet managers to monitor waste management services in real-time — answering questions like: what routes have been serviced and how long ago?


screwdriver-and-wrench-icon Street Sweeper

Ensure that every road is swept on a consistent and regular schedule that prevents interference with your citizens’ morning commute. Keep streets clean more efficiently and cover a larger area with fewer street sweepers.

Keeping cities clean is much easier when a fleet manager is able to track repetitive tasks and monitor vehicle positions, while increasing safety for the drivers. In the event of a natural disaster or major weather event like a hurricane, this technology is even more important.



screwdriver-and-wrench-iconPolice/Security Patrols

Police patrol vehicles can be a powerful crime deterrent. However, not many municipalities can afford to have a squad car on every corner. With StreetComplete, dispatchers can monitor which roads have been patrolled recently and redeploy units to monitor underserved zones of the city—improving public safety.

Here are just a few ways police fleets can use GPS tracking:

  • Increase safety for officers
  • Improve patrol coverage
  • Monitor routes

How Does StreetComplete Work?

StreetComplete is a telematics solution that combines GPS tracking devices with a software application to monitor where those devices have been and when they were there. The StreetComplete software uses the GPS positional data to populate a map for the user to interpret at a glance.

What makes StreetComplete particularly user-friendly is that users can define a set of colors and time codes to best fit their specific needs. Once a particular route or street has been visited, the software marks it with the first color in the user’s custom color timeline. As time passes, the color shown for that route/street will change to match the set “time since last service.”

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For example, let’s say that there’s a police precinct that has a goal of making sure that every street in their jurisdiction is patrolled once every hour. Dispatch could set the StreetComplete software to display green for streets that have been patrolled in the last 15 minutes, yellow for ones that were patrolled between 16 and 40 minutes ago, red for streets that haven’t been patrolled between 41 and 60 minutes ago, and purple for streets that haven’t been patrolled in 61+ minutes.

Once a GPS-tagged police unit has patrolled a given street, StreetComplete will automatically cycle that street’s color code back to green. Using this information, the precinct can monitor how well they’re meeting their patrol goals, and adjust the number of officers they deploy and perform some route optimization to increase or streamline coverage as needed.

The granularity of the color coding, the timing of each change, and the specific colors used can all be adjusted to fit the user’s needs and preferences. Users can even right click on specific routes to see exactly when they were last visited.



“StreetComplete helped address my challenges with the ability to show a map of areas swept.”

“It’s important to emphasize that small cities can benefit, as well as large cities from StreetComplete.”

“StreetComplete is a game changer.”

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