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About Rastrac

Rastrac is a leading GPS fleet tracking and remote asset management solution for companies of all sizes. Since 1993, we have provided vehicle tracking solutions to companies all over the world to help them reduce their operating expenses. Our GPS fleet tracking and remote asset management solutions can help you reduce unnecessary costs on everything from excess fuel usage to costly vehicle breakdowns, and more.

Manning NavComp was founded in 1993 in Dallas, Texas. Our Rastrac Automatic Vehicle Location software, with thousands of users worldwide, has been chosen by both governments and industries as the most flexible tracking solution on the market.

The Senior Engineering Staff at Manning NavComp has over 75 years combined experience in software development and systems engineering. This experience includes the development and integration of digital communications systems, target tracking systems, and state of the art control of distributed communication and surveillance platforms. Most of this experience has required a willingness to respond quickly to customer requirements and delivery schedules. Our senior engineering staff are degreed professionals in electrical and computer engineering, computer science, and mathematics. Our company facilities, located in Austin, Texas, are equipped with the latest software, computing, and communications equipment.

We believe that in today’s business world mobile fleets desperately need automated tools that are both powerful and easy to use. We built Rastrac from the very beginning, to be simultaneously powerful and pure in design, and we still live by that same philosophy.

A highly modular software system, Rastrac is available in web-based or standalone versions, with multiple hosting options. This software can be used on a single PC or a global network of servers linked through the Internet. Rastrac has been used on more than 5,000 systems and nearly 300,000 vehicles and assets worldwide.

Executive Leadership at Rastrac

Jeff Manning, President

Jeff Manning founded Manning NavComp, Inc. in 1993, with a vision to apply an elegant software layer over the technologies of the Global Positioning System and wireless data networks, giving people in many diverse environments the ability to remotely supervise their important assets. His background of eight years as a senior engineer with Raytheon E-Systems prepared him for the technological task that has evolved during the last fifteen years. Manning received the Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from The University of Texas in 1987, and the Master of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from The University of Texas at Arlington in 1990. Manning is convinced that the values of hard work, integrity, education, and humility are all very real, and actively applies those values to the philosophy of the company.

Larry Durbin, Chief Operations Officer

Larry Durbin was Manning NavComp’s first full-time Sales Director, and has grown and developed the same independent domestic, international, and vertical market-specific sales channels that the company continues to use today. Prior to his term at Manning NavComp, he managed a customer service and technical support team for Power Computing, Inc. He has been instrumental in the success of the company since joining with the company in 1998, consistently increasing sales while simultaneously controlling costs. He designed and implemented the proprietary Manning NavComp company-wide database system for tracking customer service, technical support, and sales activity and has developed many of the procedures used by company personnel. Durbin has a college background in electrical engineering and over 25 years of experience in management and customer service.

Lee Simmonds, Chief Development Engineer

Lee Simmonds signed on with Jeff in 1996 as lead developer. It wouldn’t be until a year later that the first general purpose GPS/AVL device would be manufactured, but he drove the development of the first truly major upgrade of the Rastrac software and has continued to outdo himself in the years since. Simmonds’ unique experience in real-time control of signal processing and analysis systems at Raytheon E-Systems gives him QRC development expertise shared by few engineers in this country. He has applied those skills to almost every product in the Rastrac suite, leaving a legacy of software applications that optimally exploit the computing platform while running for months without a hitch. His efforts position the company uniquely in the AVL middleware server industry, as a company that delivers software that works and keeps working. Simmonds earned the Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science in 1987 from the University of Minnesota.

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