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Fleet Tracking Software and Vehicle Tracking Solutions

A Fleet Management Solution


Why would you need GPS Tracking?

The term GPS is an acronym for Global Positioning Satellite, a system that uses a transmitter and a series of satellites to triangulate the position of a specific object. This technology is typically used to track vehicles, manage fleets and large pieces of equipment for a variety of purposes.

GPS tracking devices may have a variety of different capabilities. Some GPS devices can interface with a vehicle’s on-board diagnostics system to provide remote diagnostics and performance reports. Other systems may allow vehicle owners to remotely disable their vehicle’s starter.

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What are the Benefits of GPS Tracking?

The specific benefits of GPS tracking will vary based on what kind of GPS system is used, the capabilities of the GPS software, and what the solution is used for.
Common benefits of using GPS tracking include:

Reduced Fuel Consumption

GPS tracking helps fleet managers reduce wasteful driving behaviors and unauthorized vehicle use, reducing fuel consumption. Some GPS devices will also provide you with MPG (miles per gallon) data which you can view right in the software dashboard.

Improved Maintenance Scheduling

Using GPS tracking devices with remote diagnostics helps fleet managers identify which vehicles need preventative maintenance so that small fixes can be applied before they become a larger, more expensive problem.

Reduced Theft Risk

High-cost assets are a tempting target for thieves. GPS tracking allows users to collect recent GPS location data and relay it to authorities, greatly increasing the odds of recovering stolen assets intact and returning them to service.

Lower Insurance Costs

Some insurance providers offer a discount for using GPS tracking on vehicular assets. The amount & availability of the discount may vary from one insurance provider to the next.

Increased Driver Accountability

GPS tracking provides an impartial, verifiable record of driving activities and behaviors. This enhances driver accountability, and allows fleet managers to more accurately track driver adherence to organization guidelines for driving safety, schedule adherence, and more.


Why Rastrac?

Rastrac offers a variety of GPS tracking solutions for vehicles and other business assets designed to fill a broad range of needs. From refrigerated truck tracking, to generator monitoring, to construction equipment tracking, to snowplow and police vehicle tracking. Beginning in 1993, Rastrac has extensive experience in helping companies and municipalities fulfill their needs and goals. With flexible options for tracking devices and software, plus dedicated support and a comprehensive array of online tools, Rastrac has made integrating GPS tracking with your day-to-day operations easier for over 20 years.

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Installation and Service Options


Tracking Service Products

You have options to purchase stand-alone software or the Rastrac Internet Server Application. You choose how you want to access the vehicles. The interface can be completely custom designed and private labeled for your company.


Rastrac Tracking Service

No contracts, no activations, and no minimum to start. You are able to choose your own active update rate. This includes unlimited log-in and get position of vehicles.

Server Edition

Dedicated Hosting – A web server designed for a company that is providing tracking services to its customers. We’ll take care of the server hosting and maintenance, you take care of your customers! Your interface is private labeled and configured for your company, no matter how big or small.

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