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GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Solutions For Today's Businesses

Modern telematics systems that combine top-quality GPS tracking hardware and
fleet tracking software.


What Is GPS Vehicle Tracking and Why Do You Need It?

GPS, or Global Positioning Satellite, is a modern telematics system that uses a transmitter and a network of satellites to track the position of an object. Today, GPS tracking and other telematics solutions have become an indispensable part of everyday life—both for individuals and businesses.

Modern GPS tracking hardware and fleet tracking software solutions have a variety of capabilities that help fleet managers and companies reduce costs, increase operational efficiency, and improve safety.

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How Can I Use Telematics Systems Like GPS Fleet Tracking?

There are many industries that leverage fleet management software and GPS tracking solutions for a variety of tasks. Here are a few examples of the ways that companies can use fleet management software and GPS tracker hardware:

Construction Industry

Construction companies use GPS vehicle tracking on heavy construction equipment like cranes, bulldozers, cement mixers, and the like to track when construction vehicles are turned on or off, when vehicles enter or leave the construction zone, and how many hours vehicles have been in service since their last maintenance check. This can help optimize equipment use, prevent theft, and improve maintenance scheduling.
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Public Safety Enforcement

First responders often use vehicle-mounted GPS tracking devices to monitor where police vehicles, ambulances, and fire trucks are at all times. Using road mapping software in conjunction with GPS tracking data, 911 dispatchers can see where the closest emergency responders are and direct them to the site of a call. Additionally, GPS fleet management software can help with route optimization—helping emergency vehicles avoid traffic jams to improve speed of response to 911 calls.
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Transportation Industry/Truck Fleets

Telematics systems are often used to manage fleets of trucks and other delivery vehicles. With GPS, drivers can find the fastest routes to their destinations and avoid traffic jams. Additionally, fleet managers can use geofencing by corridor to keep their drivers from wandering off-route, track driving behaviors (like speeding and hard braking) to improve driver safety, and monitor conditions in climate-controlled storage compartments.
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Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and gas companies often use GPS fleet management solutions to help them maximize driver safety for their fuel delivery trucks and to prevent the theft of fuel trucks (and their valuable cargo). By tracking driver habits, companies in the petroleum industry can identify opportunities for improving driver skills (and help prevent costly accidents). By using GPS location tracking, oil and gas companies can quickly locate stolen vehicles and recover them.
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Municipal Maintenance

Aside from emergency services, many municipalities use telematics solutions like GPS tracking to improve services like trash pickup and street maintenance. With solutions like Rastrac’s StreetComplete add-on, municipalities can optimize trash collection and street sweeping/snowplowing routes with ease—getting more done with fewer fleet vehicles. Additionally, telematics data can be used to optimize fleet maintenance to reduce costs.
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What Are the Benefits of GPS Tracking?

Some key benefits of using GPS tracking and telematics solutions include:

Reduced Fuel Consumption

By optimizing routes and preventing unauthorized vehicle use, companies can easily cut fuel costs.

Improved Maintenance

Avoid over- or under-maintaining fleet vehicles by tracking use data and monitoring vehicle diagnostic codes.

Reduced Vehicle Theft

With GPS location data, it’s easier to find stolen vehicles and recover them before they’re gone forever.

Lowered Insurance Premiums

Some insurance providers offer discounts for vehicles with anti-theft measures like GPS tracking.

Increased Driver Safety

GPS tracking data can be used to track driving behaviors—and identify opportunities to improve safety.


Why Should You Use Rastrac’s GPS Tracking Solutions?

Rastrac has decades of experience in helping companies, municipalities, and other organizations meet their goals with telematics systems. Our fleet management software can easily be customized to fit your company’s unique needs with a variety of add-ons and services that go above and beyond just “dots on a map.”

With flexible options for fleet tracking devices and software—plus a dedicated support team and online tools—Rastrac has been making integrating GPS tracking solutions with your day-to-day operations easier since 1993.

We give you the tools you need to optimize your fleet management processes and become a hero to your company.

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Rastrac Fleet Management Software Installation and Service Options

We give companies a range of options for using the Rastrac fleet management software. From standalone tracking service software to web-based applications—including white/private-labeled solutions.

Standalone Services

Tracking Service Products

With the standalone software, you can choose how you want to access your fleet vehicles’ data. This fleet management interface can be customized and white-labeled for your organization to ensure a seamless user experience with your own software.

Web-Based Services

Rastrac Tracking Service

With Rastrac’s GPS fleet management services, there are no contracts, no activations, and no minimums to start. You simply choose your own active update rates for your GPS tracker hardware. The fleet management software includes unlimited logins and position retrieval for your tracked vehicles as well.

Web-Based Services

Server Edition

Get dedicated hosting with a web server for your company to provide tracking services to its own customers. The Rastrac team will take care of server hosting and maintenance tasks so you can focus on taking care of your customers. Our interface is white/private-labeled and configured for your needs.

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