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Mobile GPS Tracking App

Turn your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone/tablet into a GPS tracker, complete with secure, 2-way messaging. Our PocketRastrac app allows you to track your employees, family members, team members, or assets without having to purchase costly hardware. All you need is an Android device or iPhone/iPad. PocketRastrac transforms your device into an advanced tracking platform, complete with reporting based on time, distance, speed, and turn detect.

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Know where your employees are during work hours

Want to communicate with your employees in the field while tracking their positions? PocketRastrac and Live Tracking make the perfect solution. Employees can send statuses (e.g. ‘Clocking In’) and form messages, as well as plain text messages to keep you connected with what is going on in the field.

You are able to set the app to only report during work hours, allowing you to avoid the threat of "spying" on your employees while they are off the clock. 

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