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Mobile GPS Tracking App for People and Asset Management

Turn Your iPhone, iPad, or Android Device Into an Advanced Tracking Platform!

Our PocketRastrac app allows you to track your employees, family members, team members, or assets without having to purchase costly hardware. All you need is an Android device or iPhone/iPad. PocketRastrac transforms your device into an advanced tracking platform, complete with reporting based on time, distance, speed, and turn detect.

Receive Live Updates from Employees in the Field

You can use PocketRastrac to receive live updates from employees while they are out in the field. These updates can include when they are clocking in for the day, arriving at a jobsite, or even when they have recently fueled up their vehicle. They can also send an instant alert if they encounter any serious issue and need immediate assistance, as well as plain text messages to keep you updated on what is going on throughout their shift.

You can also send important updates to your employees without having to keep track of another separate app. This way, if there's a road closure and they need to take another route or there's been a change in the delivery schedule, you can let them know directly and immediately.

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What is PocketRastrac?

By simply having your drivers or operators download the app to the mobile devices they already use every day, you can transform existing technology into an advanced GPS tracking platform. Now all you need to conduct effective mobile fleet management is an Android device or iPhone or iPad!

The PocketRastrac app will turn the mobile device into an advanced tracking platform allowing you to:


Get Real-Time Positions

View the locations of your vehicles, assets, and employees on a map to enforce schedule adherence and determine if routes are being followed correctly


Monitor Driving Habits

PocketRastrac can monitor travel speeds, braking habits, and turning motions. With comprehensive reports that show this data over time, you can determine if any of your drivers are forming unsafe driving habits.


Receive Status Updates

Receive status updates from employees while they are out in the field, including timecard information (clock in, start lunch, clock out) and if the alert button is activated.

Travel History

View Travel History

View the device's travel history, including mileage and stops, for any time period you wish.


Save Money

PocketRastrac helps you optimize worker productivity, reduce fuel usage by ensuring your drivers are sticking to optimized routes, and increase driver safety. Plus, by setting up alerts, you can be notified of many events - including when drivers are speeding or slamming on their brakes.

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