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GPS Fleet Management for Government

Government agencies at all levels across the country have their work cut out for them. Keeping the infrastructure that makes modern life possible takes constant maintenance and effort.

From basic road work such as fixing potholes and clearing debris, to dealing with seasonal hazards such as snow and ice on the roads, to engaging in disaster recovery, the work of maintaining the country's infrastructure is never finished. Simply keeping up with maintenance task loads takes efficient use of resources; a task that GPS fleet tracking for government agencies can help with in the following ways. 


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Oversee Government Vehicle Activities

Being able to closely monitor driver activities while they’re behind the wheel of your government vehicles is a must for ensuring the efficient use of said vehicles.

Monitoring the routes that drivers take while on the job, as well as their driving habits such as speed, braking, and turning habits can help you spot inefficient driving behaviors so that you can correct them.

With arrival and departure time logging, you can check to see how efficiently your municipal work crews are operating at each job site.

By monitoring driver activities closely, you can work to increase efficiency for your municipal workforce. To learn more download our feature sheet on automated tracking solutions for municipal fleets.

Improve Maintenance Dispatch at All Levels

When a call comes in about a road obstruction or some other problem that requires the dispatch of a municipal maintenance vehicle to the scene, it’s important to get there as quickly as possible. The longer a pothole, animal carcass, or accident debris remains, there more risk there is of damage to commuter vehicles.

With municipal fleet tracking, dispatch can check the current location of each maintenance vehicle and see which one is closest to the roadway hazard. This saves time asking for verbal callouts from each maintenance vehicle and manually trying to map out a least-time route.

Monitor Vehicle Engine Data

Road maintenance and emergency response vehicles move a lot of miles in a short period of time. Keeping these vehicles in top condition is important for preventing costly breakdowns.

With GPS fleet tracking, you can get a remote monitoring report that details key engine performance statistics. Using this information, you can identify the need for preventative maintenance to preserve engine performance and prevent an on-the-road breakdown that costs a large amount of time and money to fix.

In addition to these engine statistics, you can get actual miles traveled and compare this information to the fuel consumption reported for that vehicle, which can help you more accurately assess the vehicle’s mpg.

Increase Snowplow Operation Efficiency

Rastrac is a SIMA MemberDuring the cold winter months, keeping snowplow operations running at peak efficiency is key for maximizing safety and convenience for commuters. With GPS tracking for snowplows, municipalities can optimize their route planning to maximize coverage and minimize waste.

Integrating specialized add-ons allow municipalities to track which roads have been plowed and salted recently, and which have not. This helps ensure better coverage for large regions of a city, county, or state, and less time and resources wasted on re-plowing roads that have been recently cleared.

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Improved Street Maintenance and Waste Management

When you pair your maintenance vehicle’s GPS tracking system with Rastrac’s StreetComplete, you can view your coverage area on a real-time, color-coded, aging map.

One example of a custom parameter you can set for your color-coded routes is the time elapsed since their last service, which can be useful for making sure a street doesn’t go too long without being cleared of snow during winter, or for verifying that specific streets have already undergone trash pickup.

Find out more about what StreetComplete can do for your municipality here.

Improved Street Maintenance and Waste Management

Making Street Maintenance and
Waste Management Easier & More Efficient