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Real Time Fleet Tracking for Public Safety

Emergency responders such as police, firefighters, and ambulance teams need to be fast and efficient to save lives and ensure public safety. GPS fleet management solutions such as Rastrac help public safety services in many ways. 

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Monitor Emergency Responder Vehicles

With public safety GPS tracking, emergency services dispatch offices can track many different kinds of vehicle activities, such as:

  • Arrivals and Departures. Know when assets leave the vehicle pool and when they return.
  • Deceleration, Acceleration, and Turning. Tracking driving habits such as deceleration or acceleration on the road can help identify behaviors that are dangerous or waste fuel, helping to improve overall fleet efficiency.
  • Location (even on private roads). Know where all of your emergency vehicle assets are at all times to optimize emergency response deployment. Or, send backup straight to a caller’s precise GPS coordinates to minimize arrival time.




With versatile cadence (update rates), you can control how often GPS trackers send updates. This allows you to get data as granular as you want, or maximize the GPS unit's efficiency. Better yet, you have access to tracking data 24/7.

Advanced route planning is made possible by integrating GPS map plugins with your fleet management software. Using this allows you to create color-coded map routes with which you can assign specific criteria, such as time since last patrol of the route was completed. Additionally, you can plot the most efficient route from a vehicle’s current location to the source of an emergency aid call, improving response times.

Prevent Breakdowns with Automated Tracking

With GPS tracking for emergency response vehicles, you can get automated reports on engine performance statistics. With this information, you can easily identify when the engine requires preventative maintenance to keep wear and tear from causing an on-the-road breakdown.

Engaging in such preventative maintenance not only helps keep vehicles running at top efficiency, it can save money on costly towing and emergency repair services.

Prevent Breakdowns with Automated Tracking

Improve Fleet Data Collection

Overall, the use of GPS fleet tracking for emergency vehicles helps to improve your data collection efforts for your vehicle fleet, enhancing your fleet management efforts.

For example, you can improve you project management with reports that detail your vehicles’ actual mileage and performance information. This can be used for preventative maintenance, or for forecasting your fuel budget.

You can also import custom maps with Rastrac’s map plugin to be used as a custom map layer. This enhances your patrol routing and scheduling capabilities. Combined with color-coded mapping for patrol area awareness, you can ensure better patrol coverage of a given area.

Get turn-by-turn information about any vehicle you want to closely monitor vehicle use. You can even look at historic data by specifying a time period to look at. Combined with geofencing boundaries, this allows you to keep assets where they’re most needed.

Protecting Our Law Enforcement and Communities with GPS Tracking Solutions

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Protecting Our Law Enforcement and Communities with GPS Tracking Solutions