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GPS Fleet Management

Fleet operations have become more involved and complex in many industries. GPS tracking is no longer used just for monitoring the location of fleet vehicles. It has evolved into a systematic and advanced method of tracking the operational conditions of each tagged fleet vehicle and its assets. GPS fleet management solutions provide fleet managers a way to remotely monitor their fleets in real time to help optimize risks and costs for improved fleet operations and efficiency.

fleet unloading goods on a map

Rastrac offers customizable fleet management solutions for tracking and monitoring a variety of assets, including:


Recreational Vehicles (RVs)

RVs are expensive vehicles that, if damaged or stolen, could cost an RV company thousands of dollars in repairs or replacement fees. GPS tracking is a cost-effective strategy for improving RV security that helps fleet managers maintain and protect their merchandise.


Executive Fleets

Executive fleets are often comprised of high-quality luxury car brands that are costly to maintain because specially-trained technicians are needed to properly repair them to the manufacturer’s standards. GPS tracking improves a fleet’s preventative maintenance strategies so there is an overall reduction in the number of breakdowns, unscheduled repairs, and part replacements — resulting in lower ownership costs for executive fleet vehicles.


Lawn Care and Landscaping

Lawn care equipment can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, so following proper preventative maintenance strategies is key to ensuring all equipment is operating efficiently and is being returned to their proper places. GPS tracking offers transparency into landscaping fleet operations and helps fleet managers monitor employee and equipment performance for better productivity and customer service.



Protecting and extending a generator’s useful life is a top priority for equipment rental companies. Generators are expensive to replace and to repair — making regular maintenance a crucial factor. GPS tracking monitors the generator’s condition and will alert you to issues such as low fuel and battery voltage levels, along with the temperature of the coolant.


Mobile Service Providers

Mobile service providers such as cable and electric companies visit multiple locations each day, relying on various field assets such as toolboxes, routers, and connection wires to get their work done. They can deliver higher quality services by implementing GPS tracking, an affordable way for fleet managers to oversee the productivity and performance of their field service workers and fleet vehicles — reducing overhead and ownership costs while improving customer satisfaction.

How else can these types of industries benefit from GPS tracking? Here are a few ways:

icon-navigational-arrow Remotely Track Driver and Work Crew Activity



Fleet management software gives fleet managers the ability to remotely manage fleets and track the actions of employees in the field. Fleet managers want to verify that workers remain on-task and aren’t misusing company fleet vehicles and resources. For example, lawn care services need to know all equipment is being returned to its proper place and that work crews are working in their designated areas for the expected amount of time.

With GPS tracking, fleet managers can receive detailed reports that monitor the activities of their employees in the field, including their locations and driving habits.

These tracking reports can provide insight into employees driving behavior in regards to:

  • Hard braking
  • Acceleration and deceleration rates
  • Excessive idling
  • Driving speeds
  • Turning motion

This data can be used to manage cost savings and fuel usage and serves as a tool for improving and grading driver performance.

screwdriver-and-wrench-icon Reduce Cost of Ownership with Improved Maintenance Scheduling

Breakdowns and equipment failures that require unscheduled maintenance servicing can throw a wrench into a fleet’s budget and daily operations. The cost to replace broken or rundown vehicles and equipment can negatively impact a business’s efficiency levels and productivity.

Preventative maintenance helps businesses spot irregularities and performance issues with their fleet vehicles and assets before they become a serious problem. Such practices are beneficial to any type of industry. For instance:


Executive fleets using high-end, luxury cars can have expensive maintenance and repair costs due to the quality of the parts that may need to be ordered.


RV rental companies care for several different models and styles of RVs that all require their own individual maintenance


Lawn care equipment, too, is complex and operates using a large amount of moving parts and mowing blades that must be replaced regularly

By integrating a GPS tracking device with a vehicle’s onboard diagnostic system, fleet managers can track when maintenance services are needed and monitor engine performance.

With a fleet management solution, you can keep track of which vehicles and equipment have been serviced for improved maintenance scheduling and effective cost management. Fleet managers can also set custom alerts to be notified when fleet vehicles need:

  • Brake pad inspections
  • Fluid and oil replacements
  • Tire rotation
  • Registration and insurance renewals

warning-sign Know the Exact Location of Tagged Fleet Assets

Many businesses have expensive, valuable assets that are vital to their fleet operations — which makes them valuable to thieves as well. RV rental companies, for example, are responsible for monitoring multiple RVs and trailers traveling on and offsite with new renters, and executive fleets are mostly composed of vehicles from luxury car brands. Landscaping equipment is another popular target since many of these machines cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Rastrac’s fleet management software offers a geofencing tool that allows fleet managers to define and modify outlined areas and routes where fleet vehicles are allowed to be. Custom alerts can be set to alert managers via text or email when any tagged fleet asset enters or leaves one of the specified map areas, including:


Zone alerts

Signals when a vehicle leaves or enters a geofenced area.


Panic alerts

Live map tracking monitors when a driver activates a panic button on certain GPS devices.


Ignition alerts

Fleet managers are notified when a vehicle's ignition is turned on or off.


Route alerts

Notifies when a fleet vehicle deviates a certain number of miles from its geofenced route.

With geofencing and a remote starter disable feature that lets fleet managers remotely turn a fleet vehicle’s ignition on or off, the safety of a business's valuable assets is increased. Plus, if a crime is committed, fleet managers can provide law enforcement with updated tracking reports so they can easily track down stolen assets.

arrow-road GPS Tracking Data Improves Fleet Management

Having access to the vast amount of fleet data provided from GPS tracking can help businesses in any industry monitor the efficiency of their fleet. A fleet management solution helps increase fleet productivity for better customer service and reduced costs from proper preventative maintenance strategies.

Want more information about how a GPS tracking solution can help with your business? Check out our resources page for industry-specific guides and feature sheets outlining how GPS tracking can improve each industry’s operations. Or, speak with a Rastrac representative to schedule a demo of Rastrac’s fleet management software!


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