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GPS Fleet Tracking System for Field-Based Fleets or Assets

There are countless businesses that rely on the use of assets in the field to get things done. From mobile phone companies to cable providers and beyond, there are many businesses that can benefit from the use of GPS fleet tracking for their field assets.

How can companies with vehicles in the field benefit from fleet management systems? Here are a few ways.

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Remotely Monitor Drivers and Work Crews in the Field

Without some kind of remote monitoring capability, it’s hard to know for sure if your work crews and drivers are making the most efficient use of their time and resources.

With GPS tracking for field employees, it’s possible to check not only the current position of vehicles in the field, but other things, such as:

  • Engine Idle Time. While some idle time is unavoidable as drivers wait for traffic to move, excessive idling can be an indication that work crews aren’t using their time efficiently, in addition to consuming excess fuel.
  • Arrival and Departure Times. Knowing exactly when a work crew reaches a jobsite, and when they depart it, is critical for assessing work efficiency. Are workers completing jobs in a reasonable timeframe, or are they running down the clock at each site? With GPS, you can know for sure.

Combined with the ability to track location, GPS systems empower you to ensure that drivers and work crews are staying on-task in the field.


Improving Maintenance Scheduling of Fleet Vehicles

Keeping your vehicles in top operating condition can be tough, unless you have detailed engine performance and usage data.

With the key engine performance data that remote monitoring can provide, it’s easy to spot the need for preventative maintenance and focus on the specific maintenance that will keep your vehicles running smoothly and efficiently.

Improve Maintenance Scheduling of Fleet Vehicles

Optimize Fleet Efficiency and Asset Management

With fleet management software, you can implement an asset tracking system for all assets in the field and get complete reports of how each vehicle is being used.

From engine performance statistics, to turn-by-turn records of driver behaviors, to overall mileage and event reports, fleet management software and GPS tracking systems give your company all the data it needs to spot opportunities for improving efficiency.

For example, with mileage and engine performance statistics, it’s easy to track how much fuel is being consumed per mile, and compare that with fuel cost projections. This makes it easy to spot a discrepancy that might indicate a problem with the vehicle, or even fuel theft.

With the right data, it can be easy to come up with ways to optimize performance and efficiency for all your vehicles.

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