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Using Rastrac Web API to Enhance Your Vehicle Tracker Device

For Broad Control of Our Features


Why would you need an API?

The term API is an acronym for Application Program Interface, a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications

The Rastrac Web API allows broad control of Rastrac's suite of vehicle tracking features from most programming environments. This allows anything from automated scripting of common tasks to seamless integration into customer user interfaces alongside other business-specific tools. 

Also, it can direct data integration with large third-party systems such as dispatch service providers or industry-specific tracking platforms. 

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What are the Benefits of Rastrac's Web API?

Most Rastrac features can be fully manipulated via the API. 
These features include:

Acquiring the latest positions or instrument measurements of tracked devices.
Registration or modification of devices within the system.
Issuing custom device messages.
Checking customized notifications sent by devices.

Generally, it can work with any features that can be seen functioning in Rastrac's HTML5 tracking website, which is built 100% on top of the API.

RASTRAC's GPS Tracking Systems


Vehicle Tracking

With GPS tracking devices, fleets are operating at peak efficiency. GPS tracking gives fleet managers tha ability to increase driver accountability, reduce fuel consumption, and improve maintenance scheduling. Having a GPS system in place, allows you to reduce the risk of theft while lowering insurance costs.

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Asset Tracking

Specialized tracking devices are used on large, valuable assets in order to increase control and efficiency at all times. By properly managing assets, you have access to data specific to each piece of equipment you have in the field including activation, location, hours of use, and more. 

Learn more about GPS asset management

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