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Automated GPS Tracking Software & Geofencing Solutions for Rental Watercraft & Boat Monitoring

Protect Your Marina’s Investments with Geofencing

Boats, jet skis, and other watercraft are expensive - and handing the keys over for renters is loaded with a multitude of risks. With one of Rastrac’s GPS tracking devices and our comprehensive asset tracking system, you can create multiple geofences in areas of the water that you don’t want your property to enter. When a boat enters any of these geofences, you and the renter of the boat receive a text message warning them to leave the area. If the boat doesn’t leave the area, you have an option to trigger an alarm on the boat as an additional method to warn the renter to leave the area immediately.

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Custom Map Overlays

Get a comprehensive view of where your  watercrafts have been and the speed they've traveled, at the slide of a switch.



Ensure the Safety of Operators & Renters

Utilizing geofencing capabilities via Rastrac’s waterproof GPS tracking device ensures the safety of your watercraft’s passengers. By mapping out and alerting your boat’s renters of prohibited areas, you avoid the risk of them swimming in dangerous currents or accidentally trespassing. Maintaining communication through a boat monitoring system is key to assist your renters in case of an emergency.

With Rastrac, you can remotely monitor the following activities and receive notifications regarding:

  • Arrivals and departures
  • Speed
  • Location, especially helpful when determining where your watercraft was at the time of an accident
  • Turns
  • Versatile update rates
  • Lake depth (if lake data is available)

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Prevent Future Breakdowns of Your Watercraft

With Rastrac’s advanced GPS tracking devices for boat rentals and remote monitoring, you can easily

  • Track maintenance intervals to be proactive on service appointments
  • Get automated reports on engine performance
  • Schedule maintenance and inspection renewals by date and engine hours
  • Monitor battery levels, and receive alerts if it decreases to a determined level 
  • Optimize the resale value of your waterfcrafts

All of these factors entailed in owning a boat and renting marina equipment become streamlined for efficiency with Rastrac’s GPS tracking system. No more worrying about forgetting the last time your boat was serviced, and no stress about having to check the battery levels of your watercraft. Rastrac eliminates these mundane tasks related to boat monitoring so you can spend more time handling more important things!

Always Have Peace of Mind With Automated GPS Tracking & Geofencing

Keeping track of rental boats is no easy task - but Rastrac can help! Geofencing not only ensures the safety of your boats but also of the lives of your renters and anyone in prohibited swimming areas. Receive updates in real-time - all from your smartphone, computer, or tablet!

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