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PocketRastrac and PocketRastrac Lite Privacy Policy

1. Information We Collect

This application does not:

  • Require user signup for access to the services. Therefore, we will not collect personal information such as name, e-mail address, and user’s contact information
  • Have access to any of the user’s verification details (usernames or passwords), nor will we copy any other apps or webpages to trick a user into providing their personal or verification details
  • Install any other apps on the device without acquiring permission from the user
  • Acquire device usage details without the user’s knowledge as spyware applications will do
  • Link to any malicious software
  • Contain any virus or Trojan horse

PocketRastrac and PocketRastrac Lite

These applications will automatically obtain some details whenever the app is in use. This information may include details such as the type of device, the IMEI number of the device, the version of the operating system, and the device’s location using a network triangulation of GPS, WiFi, and wireless networks to receive the device’s location for the purpose of the app. The app will not share any location information except for whoever will have login credentials to view the data in the Rastrac software. We will maintain location information for 90 days to allow and then archive it on our servers. The application itself will not maintain location information.

2. Use of Personal Information

Any personal data or communications may be accessed, disclosed, or monitored for circumstances such as:

  • Request from law enforcement or to comply with a lawful request or legal matter
  • Emergency situations which require an immediate response
  • Protect any rights of property for us, our agents, members, customers, and others including the rights to enforce our agreements, policies, and terms of service

We do not permit any unauthorized reproductions or disclosures of any non-public contacts

3. Updates of the Application

PocketRastrac and PocketRastrac Lite does not change, exchange, or update itself through any method except Google Play’s update methods.

4. Security of Your Information

We uphold many physical, electronic, and routine protections to secure any personal data from deletion, unauthorized access, disclosure, destruction, and modification.

5. Your Rights to Submit Information

You have a choice to not submit any personal information through the application, which may cause the service to not operate in its intended means.

6. Privacy Policy Updates

This policy may be updated or changed at any time. It this occurs, notice will be given by changing the date the app was last updated as required by law.

7. Contact Rastrac

sales@rastrac.com or 512-918-0700