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Turn Your Cell Phone Into a Collision Prevention Device!

Rastrac has introduced its newest fleet safety and GPS tracking app, RastracView! This cutting-edge Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) gives your drivers the power to develop safe driving habits by transforming their smartphone into a collision avoidance system.

RastracView Drivers
Safety Score

A safety score will be generated for each trip based on factors such as maximum and average speed, harsh driving patterns, and acceleration rates. This safety score is then displayed on the app’s dashboard and shared with both the driver and fleet management.

This makes it possible for drivers to correct unsafe habits in real-time and fleet management to monitor those patterns remotely, easily, and inexpensively. The result? A safer, more well-informed driving experience that protects your team members, vehicles, assets, and other travelers on the road.

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What is RastracView?

RastracView is a collision avoidance system that doesn’t require any confusing hardware, third-party software, or the installation of expensive permanent cameras in your fleet vehicles. Instead, your drivers can leverage technology they already have and are familiar with using to develop safe driving habits.

The RastracView app will turn their phone camera into an advanced traffic viewer equipped with:

Headway Monitoring Icon

In-Vehicle Driver Coaching

Crash detection with varying degrees of audio and visual warnings alerts your drivers of potential collisions.

Lane Departure Warning Icon

Lane Departure Warning

Warnings are issued to get the driver’s attention if they are crossing or drifting out of their lane.

Headway Monitoring Icon

Headway Monitoring

Calculates the distance between your fleet vehicle and the car in front of them then recommends a safe following distance to prevent tailgating.

Built in GPS Navigation Icon

Built in GPS Navigation

Determines driving time and distance and allows you to build optimized routes that your drivers can follow through visual and audio commands.

Offline Maps Icon

Offline Maps

If a traffic jam or road closure means a vehicle must take an alternate route, offline maps helps your drivers get there confidently—even without Wi-Fi.The “Download Feature Sheet” button doesn’t go anywhere.

With access to map-based GPS tracking from the phone as well as the backend of the app, you can do it all with RastracView—effectively monitor both your vehicle’s location and its driver’s habits with just one simple and streamlined application.

Why Use RastracView?

At Rastrac, our mission is to provide each of our customers with the most convenient and valuable GPS tracking solutions. This new option is simple, cost-effective, and convenient for both drivers and fleet management!

Drivers simply download the app and place the phone in a dashboard cradle to start using RastracView’s collision avoidance system.

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Fleet managers gain real-time access to a “report card” of safety scores for each driver. This makes getting an immediate snapshot of one driver’s current driving practices, as well as monitoring the evolution of safe driving habits throughout your entire fleet over time, easier and more affordable than ever before.

With RastracView, you can effectively change the behavior of your drivers by giving them both instant and historical feedback on their driving habits—ultimately increasing safety, productivity, and peace of mind for your entire fleet!

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