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Capture Driver and Road-Facing Video

Harness the Power of Video Protection

Rastrac has introduced its newest GPS tracking device and fleet safety tool, RastracVision! This intelligent dashboard camera provides unparalleled protection for every driver, vehicle, and asset in your fleet. The camera can store up to 120 hours of onboard video footage for safety and compliance purposes.

Redefine Fleet Management Software & 
Risk Management with RastracVision

RastracVision makes it possible to protect your vehicles, assets, and drivers through location tracking, real-time phone alerts, and video recording of driver’s habits on the road.

Fleet managers will be able to monitor their driver’s locations remotely and in real-time while viewing what they’re seeing on the road. This means you can identify unsafe driving habits and correct them before an incident occurs that could cost you in legal fees, insurance expenses, vehicle repairs, damaged assets, and higher worker’s compensation premiums.

Combined with Rastrac GPS tracking, RastracVision can help you curtail vehicle theft risks by providing video records on top of GPS location data—greatly increasing the chances of recovering lost or stolen assets so you can prevent the added fleet costs associated with replacing stolen vehicles.



The end result?

More informed fleet managers and safer drivers—transforming your fleet risk management initiatives and reducing fleet costs!

What is RastracVision?

RastracVision is an intelligent dashboard camera powered by AI, equipped with industry-leading dual HD cameras that capture both driver- and road-facing video. RastracVision has the features you need to redefine what fleet risk management looks like in your fleet, including:


GPS Tracking

Instantly know the exact location and driving direction of each driver in your fleet.

True 4G LTE

Experience speed and reliability on-the-go with built-in 4G LTE data connection.

Dual HD Cameras

Have eyes everywhere with 1440p road-facing and 720p driver-facing HD video.

Video Surveillance

Detect unsafe or unusual activity—even when a fleet vehicle is turned off.

Live View and Listen

See and hear what’s happening in the field in real-time.

Easy Installation

The camera is designed to be simple to install and use without requiring electrical engineering skills.



Why Use RastracVision?

At Rastrac, we aim to provide each of our customers with the most convenient, cost-effective, and cutting-edge GPS tracking solutions that fit the unique needs of their fleet.

This new GPS tracking and fleet safety tool is a valuable addition to your fleet management strategy! It only takes about five minutes to install, but will provide long-term value and insights that can be used to improve your fleet.

Fleet managers will gain peace of mind knowing they can still keep their drivers safe even though they can’t physically be in each vehicle for each trip. Drivers will gain peace of mind knowing their employer cares about their safety and has the tools in place to keep them protected on the road.

With RastracVision, you can effectively enhance your fleet management strategy and improve driver safety—ultimately increasing productivity and reducing fleet costs for your business!

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