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Rastrac Mobile is Our Fleet Tracking Software App

Track Your Vehicles and Assets Using Your Mobile Device


Manage Your Fleet Directly from Your Mobile Device!

Rastrac Mobile is an extremely effective and convenient application for any fleet managers who are not always at their computer. All of your vehicles and assets, regardless if they number in the tens or thousands, are accessible right at your fingertips. Instantly view fleet data and update information from anywhere. With a very responsive design, you can also access the full Rastrac software platform which automatically scales and adjusts to your mobile device's screen.

Keep Watch Over Your Assets No Matter Where You Are!

Rastrac Mobile is the perfect companion to your Rastrac fleet management software. You can use it to view the current locations of your vehicles and assets, get and view tracks of your vehicles, manage the outputs of your GPS devices, set up locations, and much more!

Also, with the click of a button, you can access the full Rastrac site, which will automatically scale and format to optimize the viewing on your mobile device.

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What can Rastrac Mobile Do?

Rastrac Mobile is the ideal application for managing your vehicles and assets while you're away from your office.

The Rastac Mobile app will allow you to:


Get Real-Time Positions

View the locations of your vehicles, assets, and employees on a map to enforce schedule adherence and determine if routes are being followed correctly.


Find Closest Vehicle

Find the closest vehicles, assets, locations, and addresses to any tracked asset with the simple touch of a button.


Manage Outputs

Manage various outputs on your tagged devices in order to enable or disable applicable functions including starter disable and door open or close.

Travel History

View Travel History

View the tracks and travel history for your vehicles and assets for any time period you wish, including stops, idle times, and more.


Manage Maintenance

Add your completed maintenance intervals such as oil changes, tire rotations, and vehicle inspections once they have been completed.

Full Site

Access Full Site

Access the full Rastrac tracking platform completely optimized for viewing on your mobile device.

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