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Our Cellular GPS Tracking Device Solution

New Location Tracking Option with RastracGo!

Rastrac has added a new integration for the RastracGo Global Location Reporting device! This new option gives Rastrac’s customers a new choice for their GPS and asset tracking needs—whether they need to track a package, container, crate, medical device, pharmaceutical shipments, and even a person or vehicle! RastracGo is capable of detecting light, noise, humidity, as well as temperature.

What is RastracGo?

These devices are small, highly portable trackers that boost the ability to provide location tracking anywhere in the world with cell phone service, GPS, or Wi-Fi. The devices can be customized to report at specific intervals such as every 5 minutes, every 30 minutes, or once a day to allow users to prioritize either battery life of the device or frequency of location data.

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GPS Mode Also called “Regular Mode,” this mode provides the most accurate location data, but drains the battery faster.

Battery Saving Mode AKA “Cell-ID,” this mode uses cell towers to provide less accurate data for a longer battery life.

The per-charge battery life of each RastracGo tag can be anywhere between 2 weeks or 4 months depending on the settings.

Small Keychain Mobile Design

A RastracGo device uses a small form-factor design that looks like a card with a keyring hole to make it easy to secure to clothing, keychains, containers, etc. for portability. Inside this tiny case is a GT-200 tracking module and a SIM Card port (so the device can use cell tower signals).

The device also has other accelerometers, temperature sensors, and pressure sensors to provide more data on tracked assets such as light, noise, humidity, etc.

Why Did Rastrac Add RastracGo?

Rastrac is dedicated to providing every customer with the most convenient and useful tracking options for their needs. By adding an integration for the RastracGo, Rastrac is one step closer to this goal. It’s a different kind of location tracking service that can help some clients save a bit of money while still helping to protect their assets.

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