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Why Choose Rastrac for your Telematics Needs?

A Fleet Management Solution

Longevity in Fleet Management

  • Building loyalty and trust since 1993.
  • Our solutions can be found in light vehicle fleets, large trucks in commercial shipping, heavy equipment in construction, snow plows and street sweepers, public safety vehicles, and many others.
  • Rastrac currently tracks over $1.5B in assets for our clients in a wide range of vehicles and equipment assets.
  • Rastrac is continuously evolving and adapting to the changing fleet management landscape to ensure that our customers will always have the latest technology with relevant software updates and upgrades.
  • The Rastrac team of full-time developers plus equipment experts has made our entire offering feature-rich, reliable and trustworthy with a 99.99% up-time record.

Versatility of the Platform

  • Rastrac offers fully refined and reliable off-the-shelf solutions in GPS tracking and asset management.
  • We also offer something very different in the industry: agility and versatility in investigating and analyzing your specific outside-of-the-box needs. This enables us to offer a more complete solution to fit your unique requirements even as they evolve. 
  • Whether you have a situation that calls for the monitoring of an asset with no internal power or need a seven-year battery life or if you require a weatherproof device that can survive a rugged environment, Rastrac provides the appropriate device for your application.
  • According to one of our equipment providers, we are the only GPS tracking company fully utilizing all of the available features of their products. This gives our customers the ability to discover more important information about their assets and resolve more issues that can arise.

Flexibility in Deliverables

Rastrac delivers solutions for every situation. Our customers have the option to:

a) license our software

b) host our software at your location

c) have us host the software for you at secure and diverse co-location sites

d) and take advantage of our SaaS solution in the cloud.

  • Because some of our customers wish to build their own features on top of our core platform, through our RESTful API and/or Data Push Service, we have an answer to practically any customer challenge.
  • Our pricing is very flexible so that we can accommodate all our customers, whether they are commercial offices or government entities.
  • We offer month-to month to 5-year term service agreements. We can also bundle equipment pricing into monthly payments, or our customers can purchase the devices outright.

Service Reliability

  • Simply put, we take care of our customers.
  • We demonstrate this consistent dependability with one of the largest municipalities in the U.S. They have been with Rastrac for many years and have thousands of police vehicles, snow plows, trash collection trucks, and street sweepers monitored.
  • For instance,Rastrac’s StreetComplete® mapping system has a color coded, auto-aging map built for vehicles that perform specific functions: snowplows, street sweepers, garbage trucks or sand and salt spreaders among them.
  • Rastrac can also provide you the ability to publish this information on a public-facing Web Site so anyone can access the map to advise them if and when the roads they need to travel are clear.
  • Rastrac uses time intervals to track vehicles, but also utilizes distance traveled and degree of turn detection. The combination of the three parameters reduces the events that trigger the sending of data to “movement-only” and thereby reduces the amount of unnecessary information delivered to you.
Why Choose RASTRAC for Your GPS Tracking