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GPS Asset Tracking System

Fleet Equipment Tracking

Take Control of Your Assets in the Field

GPS tracking isn’t just for vehicles anymore. Specialized asset tracking devices can be plugged into your company’s most valuable assets to track their use and position at all hours of the day.

Combined with specialized asset management software, these devices can allow you to record different events and asset use statistics, including:

  • Asset activation/deactivation
  • Hours of use
  • Asset location
  • Temperature
  • Door open/closing
  • Motion

Having access to this data gives you increased control of your assets in the field—whether you’re tracking a backup generator, a refrigerated trailer, or any other high-value asset.

These tracking devices can be battery-operated, or plugged into a power source for long-term use. This provides some flexibility for your tracking needs. For example, battery-powered trackers could be used to track unpowered assets, while trackers that tie into power sources could be used to monitor larger assets.

Asset tracking devices

Why Track Assets with GPS?

There are many reasons to track your assets with GPS systems. It’s important to note that the specific benefits you see will change based on the particular GPS devices and software you use.

Some frequently-realized benefits of using GPS include:

Increased Theft Protection

Generators, trailers, and other high-value assets make tempting targets for thieves. With a GPS device on your high-value assets, you can remotely track the asset’s location at all times, helping you quickly recover stolen items.

Improved Contract Enforcement

If you rent out major assets for use by other parties, being able to track asset use and location can help with contract enforcement. For example, you can make sure assets don’t leave the agreed-upon service/use area.

Improved Maintenance

By tracking use statistics for hours worked and time since last maintenance check, you can improve your ability to schedule maintenance for an asset so that it remains in top condition.

Better Customer Support

By tracking the current status of assets in the field, you can increase your responsiveness to emergency situations. For example, if a rented refrigerated trailer loses power, you can receive an alert and notify the client of the issue—potentially saving your client from losing the trailer’s cargo to spoilage.

Introducing Rastrac for Asset Tracking

Since 1993, Rastrac has helped companies and municipalities improve operations with GPS tracking systems. With a variety of GPS tracking solutions, Rastrac can help you monitor your assets in the field on a moment’s notice.

With numerous options for GPS tracking, and a full suite of online training and tools, Rastrac has been making integrating GPS systems with your daily operations easy for over 20 years.

Installation and Service Options


Tracking Service Products

With Rastrac, you can purchase stand-alone software or the Rastrac Internet Server Application. Under these options, you can choose how you want to access your asset tracking data. Additionally, the interface can be customized and privately-labeled for your organization.


Rastrac Tracking Service

With Rastrac, there are no contracts, no activations, and no minimums to start. You can choose your own active update rates for your GPS devices. The software includes unlimited log-ins and position retrieval for assets.

Server Edition

Get dedicated hosting with a web server designed for a company that provides tracking services to its customers. We’ll take care of server hosting and maintenance so you can focus on taking care of your customers! The interface for this is private labeled and configured for your company regardless of company size.

8 Ways to Improve Your Asset Tracking System